Sunday, January 23, 2011

Echo & The Bunnymen- History of the Peel Sessions: 1979-1997 (1997) MP3 & FLAC

"I've been up to Villiers Terrace. I've been in a daze for days. I drank some of the medicine, and I didn't like the taste."

History of the Peel Sessions: 1979-1997 saw limited release as a bonus disc issued with early copies of Echo & The Bunnymen's 1997 comeback album Evergreen. While not a comprehensive collection, the album does a very good job of cherry-picking the best of The Bunnymen's limited Peel Session recordings (no sessions were recorded from late 1983 to late 1997). What makes it worth seeking out are the early tracks, such as "Villiers Terrace," recorded nearly a year before the release of their debut album Crocodiles. While all the elements that made their debut so distinctive are already in place (except drummer Pete DeFreitas), Ian McCulloch's vocals are often snarling and aggressive (in a good way), giving the songs a bite and swagger not usually associated with this band. In addition, the live-in-studio sound lends the songs a sense of immediacy often lacking on their studio albums. The only track not performed by the original incarnation of the band is "Rescue," which dates from 1997, and it is no coincidence that this is the only non-essential track in the collection.

History of the Peel Sessions: 1979-1997
 1. Villiers Terrace (Maida Vale 4, Aug. 15, 1979)  (4:13)
 2. Read It in Books (Maida Vale 4, Aug. 15, 1979)  (2:31)
 3. All That Jazz (Maida Vale 4, May 13, 1980)  (2:56)
 4. Over the Wall (Maida Vale 4, May 13, 1980)  (4:49)
 5. All My Colours (Langham 1, Nov. 12, 1980)  (4:28)
 6. The Back of Love (Maida Vale 4, February 8, 1982)  (4:15)
 7. Seven Seas (Maida Vale 4, June 6, 1983)  (3:57)
 8. Ocean Rain (Maida Vale 4, Sept. 19, 1983)  (3:50)
 9. Nocturnal Me (Maida Vale 4, Sept. 19, 1983)  (4:13)
10. Rescue (Maida Vale 4, Sept. 16, 1997)  (3:48)


  1. Wow I don't have this one. Thanks!

  2. Zemperla's Punchy Punchout aka *JoJo*January 24, 2011 at 8:01 AM

    Wow a Peel Session of Echo & the Bunnies. Who knew but I guess all the best of the best have a Peel Session. Grazi!

  3. scurfie, sholi & Jo Jo, this is a hard one to find because it was only issued as a bonus disc for some reason. There is a 5 song Peel Session release of the 1979 session from years ago, but I like this one because it is remastered and has more early 80s material. More Bunnymen to follow in very near future

  4. Hello.
    I downloaded a compilation from another blog and there was this lovely track called "Pictures on my Wall".
    This is actually my first brush with Echo & The Bunnymen and I would like to know more about this band. Could you recommend anything for me? Is this Peel Sessions a good introduction to the band's work?

    Do most of their work sound like "Pictures on my Wall"? I already went to Youtube to listen to "Killing Moon" but I want something that sounds like Pictures. Looking forward to any replies !

  5. Hi Rose, "Pictures on My Wall" is on the debut album, which I have posted on this blog. Here is the link:

    Their second album, "Heaven Up Here" has a similar sound. I will post it this coming week as your request. Thanks for reading the blog and please hit the 'follow' button if you haven't already done so

    p.s. I've also posted "Ocean Rain" here. Search the index :)

  6. Wow thank you!
    I'll be sure to check it out!
    Thanks again

  7. is there any way you can post these files up on another download site pretty pleaseeeeeee?


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