Friday, January 14, 2011

Bauhaus- In the Flat Field (1980) Omnibus Edition (Bonus Disc) MP3 & FLAC

"Let me catch the slit of light, for a maiden's sake and maiden flight. In the flat field I do get bored, replace with Piccadilly whores."

While In the Flat Field is certainly one of the most influential Post-Punk albums ever recorded, it also enjoys a far more rarified distinction: its release (arguably) constituted the birth of a new genre, Goth(ic)-Rock. Irregardless of what that term means today, at the dawn of the eighties, it was a particularly minimalist branch of Post-Punk, which, somewhat ironically, had roots in the Glam-Rock scene of the early seventies, particularly Bowie, Iggy Pop, and T-Rex. Without a doubt, these influences cast a long shadow on Bauhaus, but on In the Flat Field, the band consistently exploits these shadows in original and diverse ways. For example, lead vocalist Peter Murphy sounds something like Iggy Pop channeling a vampiric Ziggy Stardust, somehow possessing just the right type of deranged charisma to pull it off convincingly, and Daniel Ash's scratchy, noisy, minimalist guitar work ably ignites both the chaos and the spaciousness of these songs, often achieving these effects simultaneously. A truly stunning debut that they were destined to never top.

In the Flat Field (2009 Remastered Edition)
1. Double Dare  (4:56)
2. In the Flat Field  (5:00)
3. A God in an Alcove  (4:07)
4. Dive  (2:13)
5. The Spy in the Cab  (4:35)
6. Small Talk Stinks  (4:34)
7. St. Vitus Dance  (4:31)
8. Stigmata Martyr  (3:46)
9. Nerves  (7:06)

Singles & Out-takes
 1. Dark Entries (Single, A-Side)  (3:52)
 2. A God in an Alcove (Original Version)  (4:08)
 3. Untitled (Single, B-Side)  (1:28)
 4. Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Original Beck Version)  (4:45)
 5. Telegram Sam (Original Beck Version)  (2:18)
 6. Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Single, B-Side)  (4:33)
 7. Scopes (Single, B-Side)  (1:33)
 8. Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Southern Mix #2)  (4:26)
 9. Crowds (Single, B-Side)  (3:15)
10. Dive (Out-take/Alternate Mix)  (2:14)
11. The Spy in the Cab (Out-take/Alternate Mix)  (4:30)
12. Stigmata Martyr (Out-take/Alternate Mix)  (3:44)
13. Rosegarden Funeral of Sores (Single, B-Side)  (5:32)
14. Double Dare (Alternate Version/Mix #1)  (5:33)
15. Telegram Sam (Alternate Mix #1)  (2:24)
16. Untitled #2  (1:11)


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  2. Thursday I was thinking about some Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets and here it is. Thanks you!

  3. Scurfie, I have the Mask Omnibus too, which I will post at some point

  4. Music, I will be posting both L&R and Tones on Tail in the coming weeks. Keep coming back and please hit the follow button, cheers

  5. well, I have a Japanse edition but this one's got 9 more tracks.


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