Saturday, January 29, 2011

Espers- The Weed Tree EP (2005) MP3 & FLAC

"Poison's in my bloodstream, poison's in my pride. I'm after rebellion; I'll settle for lies."

What made Espers' self-titled debut so distinctive was its psychedelically-soaked reconstructions of 60s-70s era British Folk, and while The Weed Tree EP occasionally feels more like unreconstructed adoration in comparison, it, nevertheless, finds Espers taking a step forward. This is partly due to the band's expansion to a sextet, giving the arrangements a clarity and depth not found on their debut; however, the primary reason is that Meg Baird's vocals play a more featured role here, sounding more assertive while somehow losing none of their haunting beauty. If Sandy Denny and Jacqui McShee are her touchstones, Baird certainly proves she can hold her own in such company. Although The Weed Tree EP is mostly comprised of covers, the song selection is inspired. "Rosemary Lane," a song most often associated with Bert Jansch, is simply stunning, as Baird powerfully conveys the resigned despair of the song's narrator. Also memorable is the cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "Flaming Telepaths," featuring a duet between Baird and Greg Weeks, with Weeks' guitar sounding every bit as corrosive as the addictions described in the songs lyrics. A future lost classic.

The Weed Tree EP
1. Rosemary Lane  (4:38)
2. Tomorrow  (4:06)
3. Black Is the Color  (5:33)
4. Afraid  (3:11)
5. Blue Mountain  (4:47)
6. Flaming Telepaths  (9:58)
7. Dead King  (4:39)


  1. That was a big file. Now enjoyments. Love that voice and the music...welll it is supergroovycool! The nag champa is burning it is very relaxing. Thanky.

  2. I remember falling in love with this one from the very first listen. Adorable.

  3. Hi J Thyme, I think it's my favorite Espers album too, although they're all great.

  4. Hi, thank you so much for this. Could you upload a FLAC version of Espers II as well? cheers.

  5. Anon. I'll post their other two albums in the near future. I have a Meg Baird solo album to post very soon! Maybe we should get some Greg Weeks up as well

  6. thanks, look forward to all of them! :)


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