Luna Requests

While (La) luna isn't really a request blog, you are still welcome to make requests if you have them; however I do ask that you create a Google account (if you haven't already done so) and become an official 'follower' of the La luna. If you make a request and I have it and feel like writing a review for it, I will post it on the blog within a week or two. Otherwise, I will post it on Plastic Palace People

Do keep in mind:

1) If I don't have the album requested, I'll keep an eye out for it, but you might also want to add your request to the lists on We Like It Lossless! and Plastic Palace People

2) Because I write original content for EVERY post, I cannot promise when or even if I will post your request on (La) luna

p.s. If your request is in the vein of Justin Bieber or Lady GaGa, then you've wandered into the wrong moonlit night. I suggest taking the path more frequently traveled:

Thank you!

"Come with uncle and hear all proper. Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited!"


  1. Already on the request list:

    Czars albums
    The Glove- "Blue Sunshine"
    Siouxsie and the Banshees- "Ju Ju"
    Julian Cope- "Fried"
    Jeff Buckley albums
    Nick Drake albums
    Breathless albums
    Wire "Chairs Missing" & "154"
    Scott Walker "Pola X" (coming soon)
    The Cult "Electric"
    Swans "Children of God"
    Durutti Column "Without Mercy"
    Espers albums
    Echo & the Bunnymen- Porcupine & Heaven Up Here"
    This Mortal Coil albums

    wow! I've got work to do!

  2. a hard one, any sarah records release, even compilations would be fine.

  3. Ass - My Get Up And Go Just Got Up And Went
    (I got it in mp3, would be nice if in flac, thank for the magnific music you share)

  4. if possible could you find juno's "this is the way it goes and goes and goes" please? you would make my year/life

  5. Devine & Statton

  6. Sex Pistols-Never Mind the Bollocks
    Billy Idol-Rebel Yell
    INXS-Listen Like Thieves

  7. Sound Tribe Sector 9 - Artifact - 2005 FLAC

  8. Durutti Column catalog
    Go-Betweens catalog
    Wall Of Voodoo - Dark Continent
    Fairport Convention catalog (early stuff)

  9. I've been searching for some of this stuff for ages. Maybe you'll have better luck:

    Mortiis - Smell of Rain
    Hangmen - Metallic I.O.U
    Woven Hand - Consider the Birds
    The Jacobites - Robespierre's Velvet Basement

  10. Muslimgauze FLAC Discography

  11. just so you know, I have everything on the list at the beginning of these comments, and I will get around to writing posts for them ~ curator of moonlight

  12. new fujiya & Miyagi album - ventriloquizzing

  13. Rufus Xavier SarsaparillaFebruary 28, 2011 at 2:53 PM

    Bobby Soxx-Learn to Hate in the 80s 7"
    True Sounds of Liberty-Change Today
    The Cure-Seventeen Seconds

  14. Mark Springer (ex- Rip, Rig & Panic)- any of his solo piano releases from last 10 years or so.

    Yes, you know all about it. Mentioning this again in case anyone else sees this (we hope so!) given his stuff is so hard to find. Thanks.

  15. Lambchop, live at XX merge
    Tindersticks; Live at the Botanique
    Tindersticks; Live at Coliseu Dos Recreios De Lisboa
    Ennio Morricone, Giu' la testa (Edition special 35 anniversary)
    Walkabout, Nighttown
    Daniel Luppi, an italian story
    John Barry, the ipcress files

  16. Count me in also for the Go Betweens older stuff(before 16 lovers).
    Actually everything that comes from Australia and New Zealand of that period is wellcome.

  17. White Stripes - s/t
    White Stripes - De Stijl
    White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan


  18. + 1 Go4
    - Solid Gold ( + Another Day/Another Dollar)
    - Songs Of The Free

  19. Black (Colin Vearncombe) - Black (1991)

  20. The Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro

  21. Natural Snow Buildings - Shadow Kingdom (2009)

  22. I'd love to see Wolfgang Press' "Birdwood Cage" and "Queer".

    Also, I think like 75% of the stuff requested is available over on Chainsaw Fellatio or Holy Fucking Shit 40000. No point in doubling up on blogs you're linking to.

  23. Maximum Joy - Station MXJY
    (... never did viddy a bolshy flacky-flacky ...)

    Pig Bag - whatever ...

  24. Spoon-Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
    Soundgarden-Ultramega OK (beware on sst)
    Squirrel Bait-S/T & Skag Heaven

  25. Ride- Nowhere (2011) (2cd limited edition by Rhino)
    Bauhaus - Mask (omnibus edition)
    The Fall - Extricate, Shift-work and Code:Selfish (all 2cd remastered editions),also other The Fall's albums

  26. I'd like to request a FLAC version of Gavin Bryars' Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet (the 2003 version i.e this: cheers!

  27. Holger Czukay - Making Movies
    (best thing: Persian Love Song featuring the voice of Avazeh Segah / Iraj captured from SW radio)

    Michael Hoenig - Departure from the Northern Wasteland
    (a classic with long standing influence)

  28. Clan of Xymox - Medusa (Re-Issue with “Blind Hearts”)
    Durutti Column - LC, City of Our Lady, Lips That Would Kiss (FPTBS)
    Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook - Sleeps with the Fishes

  29. Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures (deluxe) and Closer would be amazing.

  30. Plaid - Tekkonkinkreet

    - more contemporary than the usual fare here but very much in the spirit of this blog ...

    (other Plaid goodies have been requested @ HFS)

  31. Willis Alan Ramsey

    Ferrante and Teicher - Blast Off!

    - Exploring New Sounds in Stereo
    - Other Worlds Other Sounds
    - More of Other Worlds, Other Sounds

    For a bit of fun ... ;)

  32. Some Crystal Ballroom (St.Kilda, Melbourne) faves from late 70s / early 80s ...

    Equal Local
    Serious Young Insects
    People With Chairs Up Their Noses
    The Moodists
    Plays With Marionettes

    Would be amazing to hear this stuff again. :)

  33. Greetings! I'm a new follower who also runs a music blog of awesomeness. :)

    My request is a splendid dark Norwegian vocal-jazz album from 1974: Artist/album = Karin Krog - We Could Be Flying

    FLAC/320 would be greatly appreciated. Being that this blog specializes in the dark and ethereal, I'm sure you would find it a fascinating album if you don't have it already. :)

  34. PLAY DEAD-Sacrosanct (1985)single FLAC
    if you find this ...

  35. severed heads! please!

  36. Oh um..Wedding Present - "Take Fountain" and the Cinerama single version of "Don't Touch That Dial" would be fantastic!! Thank you

  37. Robert Ashley:
    - Tap Dancing In The Sand
    - Concrete
    - Improvement

    I have lofi versions.
    Amazing stuff, great listening.

  38. damon edge grand visions.please thanx

  39. wasted youth-wild and wandering-thank you

  40. the the-soul mining.please

  41. shriek back-big night music.

  42. multi coloured shades-sundome city exit.flac please

  43. various-this is electronic body music 1988-89

  44. THAT PETROL EMOTION manic pop thrill (FLAC)
    GODFATHERS anything....(FLAC)

    thank you

  45. Thanks for a really great blog.

    The Durutti Column - Time Was Gigantic.. When We Were Kids


  46. breathless-chasing promises.thanks

  47. hi voix, how about some bathers albums too? gracias.

  48. Mice Parade Please :) - hard to find FLAC's of the old stuff.

  49. Voixautre - Wonder if you have any Bluetip in your archives? Dischord 101, Join Us, Hot (-) Fast (+) Union, Polymer, Post Mortem Anthem? All good stuff. Jason Farrell went on to form RETiSONiC after the dissolution of Bluetip; good stuff also.

    Have it all lossy, but long since lost the CDs. Love to find it in FLAC!

    Your efforts always appreciated. You've got your hands full.

  50. Robyn Hitchcock "Tromsø, Kaptein"

  51. Pixies - Minotaur Box Set

    I would love to hear how remastered Pixies albums sound. Under normal circumstances I would upgrade my original CDs and buy the thing, but the price of this box set is simply ridiculous. Speaking of the "cheapest" version, it costs more than The Beatles In Stereo box (which has 16 CDs + 1 DVD)!

  52. Hey brother, got an interesting request for you. I think it would fit here on La Luna, but if you'd prefer to up it one of your other blogs that would work too.

    The Kane Gang - Miracle (1987)

    It's a really great power-pop/Sophisti-pop hybrid record that is pretty much impossible to get nowadays. Perhaps you might be able to procure it?

    Much appreciated either way, and keep up the great work: your posts are awesome! ^_^

  53. DrakeSinister, I'll look around for that one

  54. Hello
    Thank you for your excellent blog. I have discovered much music I wouldn't otherwise have know.
    Do you have Smoke Fairies first album Strange The Things which is no longer on sale.

    FLAC is the future.
    Kind regards

  55. orange juice - coals to newcastle, please!

  56. Sorry that my request is such a pain to find. :(

  57. Drake, no problem. I'll grab it eventually

  58. Cruel Black Dove
    - Full Powers
    - The Myth and the Sum

    by the way: thx alot for the awesome posts! i appreciate ur good taste in music that i discover every time lookin around here!!

    greetz from germany

  59. I'm hoping your 20 post Church series includes "Sing Songs / Remote Luxury / Persia" CD
    here are some 80s Liverpool bands of interest:
    - The Wild Swans "Incandescent" / "Magnitude (The Sire Years)"
    - dalek i "compass kum'pas" / "Holiday In Disneyland" 12"
    an 80s Scottish band sounding much like early XTC (produced by John Leckie):
    Cuban Heels "Work Our Way To Heaven"
    thanks for this wonderful blog!

  60. cudawaver, the Church ep compilation will definitely be in the series. If you send me an email to, I'll send you a link so you don't have wait a few months for me to post it

  61. I would love The Orange Humble Band - Assorted Creams. Long deleted gem, have scoured t' webs for it to no avail. Cheers for the excellent blog too!

  62. Brilliant site!

    Wedding Present - Take Fountain


    Cinerama - Don't Touch That dial (single)
    Thank you.

  63. wedding present - complete peel sessions

    any comsat angels

  64. the standard
    the stratford 4

  65. Eleventh Dream Day:
    ''Praire School Freakout'' (1988),
    ''Beet'' (1989),
    ''Borscht'' (1990).
    Do you have some of these,in (FLAC)?

  66. sunday, I don't, but I can look around

  67. How about some Dukes of the Stratospher?

  68. Anon. those were all posted over at Plastic Palace People

  69. Uh, let's see, I don't want to request too much because it could be annoying for you, but all of these are mindb-lowing in one way or the other:

    Trans Am - Futureworld
    Kreidler - Appearance in the Park
    Anything by Replikants
    764-HERO - We're Solids
    FCS North - FCS North
    Doldrums - Acupuncture
    Tomorrowland - Stereoscopic Soundwaves
    Anything by National Skyline


    Hush Harbor - Hush Harbor
    Magic Dirt - Magic Dirt (Compilation of their first 2 eps)
    You Am I - Coprolalia

    Sorry and thanks

  70. Great blog!!
    Christian Death - Deathwish

  71. Hi

    Great blog !
    It will be a divine surprise if you can post these albums in FLAC:
    The Brats: Guitar Gangster
    Dino Lee: King Of Trash
    Skunks: The "Black" lp
    Doctors Of Madness: Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms
    The Moondogs: That's what friends are for ?
    I already have some but with poor bitrate
    Thanks & good luck for the blog!

  72. Hey Voixautre! I have a possibly enlightening FLAC request this time around if your interested. Heck, you might even get enough of a kick out of some of it to consider building a series around my initial request. :)

    Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin - Up From The Dark (1986)

    Their output would actually be ideal for La Luna considering its dark 80's bent: this album (along with their other releases) comes across as a poppier Cocteau Twins (with a bit of Canterbury Scene and some folk, New Wave, etc. influences thrown in.)

    Thus, if you could find this in FLAC or upload it yourself, I would massively appreciate it, as I myself am having trouble getting ahold of it in the quality I want. :)

  73. Hi Drake, I'll certainly have a look around for this. Sounds very interesting

  74. Colin L. Orchestra – Infinite Ease / Good God

  75. hey man
    it would be great if you happen to have the first 2 releases by Naked Prey the selftitled (1984) and the Under The Blue Marlin (1986)lp in flac
    thnx anyway and keep posting great music
    take care

  76. The Horrors - Strange House

  77. Anon. I have a double Horrors post planned sometime soon

  78. Strawberry Switchblade - The Platinum Collection
    Thank you!

  79. Thanks a lot

  80. Great blog, excellent taste,
    Some of the requests are really easy to find actually, but I wouldn't like to change your plans. Anyway, these are some suggestions which are hard to find in flac:
    The Fall (Code: Selfish & Cerebral Caustic, expanded editions)
    Blurt (The Factory Recordings, Best of 1 and 2, and everything else actually)
    Ludus, Vic Godard and the Subway Sect, Josef K, The Stockholm Monsters etc. I mean in flac.
    Thanks in advance, you became my new best friend anyway!

  81. Marjan, thank you. I'll keep my eye out for these.

  82. Ignore all my previous requests (or take them as recommendations), but do post this if you have it, and if you don't, do your best to, at least, hear it:

    Kitchens of Distinction - Strange Free World.

  83. Thank you for all the great music. I'm searching for Califone and Biffy Clyro (other than 'Only Revolutions') in flac. Think you can you help?

  84. mother, here are some lossless Califone links:

    Deceleration I-

    Quicksand / Cradlesnakes-

    Deceleration II-

    Califone (1999)-

    Roots and Crowns-

    Heron King Blues-

    All My Friends Are Funeral Singers-


    Califone EP (2000)-

    Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People-

    How's that for helping out ;)

    p.s. Don't have any Biffy Clyro, but which one are you most in need of?

  85. great blog !!

    in flac

    Rank And File : the slash years
    the beat : the beat
    stephen malkmus :1st solo album
    anika :anika
    escovedo :gravity and thirteen years
    Sebadoh - Bakesale
    Shoes - - Black Vinyl Shoes
    the replacement : stink and dont tell a soul

    and maybe for the PU series :

    the Three o clock ; baroque hoedown
    danny and dusty : lost weekend
    Green On Red - Scapegoats (1991)
    Green On Red - This Time Around (1989)
    Green On Red - Too much Fun
    Green On Red - What Were We Thinking
    Dan Stuart - Can O' Worms

    thanks !

  86. Califone's entire studio work? I'm... Wow! You nailed it. Thank you so much for this!

    As for Biffy, I think I'm most in need of The Vertigo of Bliss.

    I hope you get all the good vibes from all the people you make happy.

  87. Voix: thanks for many I did not know. Any plans for Bongwater?


  88. Muck, I am planning some Bongwater posts over at Plastic Palace People very soon

  89. Groovy, am REALLY liking the PU series. Here's another suggestion = Judybats

    thanks for he quick note!


  90. I saw your post of the Sarah compilation, Glass Arcade, and you mentioned that you have more Sarah comps. It would be great if you could upload Air Balloon Road in lossless if you have it.

  91. Hi my name is Vedran and first of all Thanx for all of your posts. You have an amazing Blog(s)
    My requests would be:
    WAH! Nah = Poo The Art of Bluff
    THE CHAMELEONS Script of the bridge
    THE CHAMELEONS What Does Anything Mean?Basically
    THE CHAMELEONS Strange Times
    THE TIMES (ED BALL) Pop Goes Art
    Thanx in advance

  92. Hi!
    Thanks for fantastic blog. I'm looking some lossless titles:
    Bel Canto - Black Session
    Violet Indiana (bootlegs)
    really hard to find, jerry

  93. Great blog voixautre. Thanks for all these great lossless stuff.

    Any chance of posting some Naked Prey cd in the Paisley Underground Series?

  94. Anon., I actually don't have any Naked Prey in lossless (at least not yet), but here's a link to a vinyl rip:

  95. Thank you very much. That happens to the only one I have (gotten from that very same blog, for that matter).

  96. You have a fantastic Blog!

    Chrome - Blood On The Moon

    Blurt - Poppycock

    XTC - Coat Of Many Cupboards

    Thanks for all you do!
    Ludus - Danger Came Smiling

  97. Ludus, all I could find was Blurt +singles. Any interest?

  98. Yes!!! Thank you thank you!!

  99. Ludus, I will post it tomorrow on Plastic Palace People

  100. Ludus, it's up on Plastic Palace People:

  101. You are amazing!! Thank you for sharing! :) Ludus

  102. Howdy, nice blog. Find this and I'll be shocked.

    Chameleons UK: What Does Anything Mean? Basically

    FLAC ;)

    Thank you!

  103. David, this was posted on my other blog:

  104. I'm shocked... and stupid. Thank you, you're a saint.

  105. Peter Banks Empire Mark II and III
    Glen Matlock and the Philistines (any)
    Martin Gordon (any)
    Skyhooks - Hot for the Orient
    David Bowie - Dollars in Drag [bootleg]

    P.S. Have a lot of the stuff you are posting... thats a good thing. Becoming one of my favorite sites.

    Thanks for even considering posting this stuff.

  106. Anon., I came up empty on these, though you've given me some great ideas for future posts. I'll keep looking

  107. How about Meet Danny Wilson. Marys Prayer was a favorite back in the day. I can't find that in lossless anywhere.

  108. Hi Voix. My request is flac of Marine Time Keepers' A Perfect Knowledge Of Dreams and Danny Wilson's Be Bop Mop Top. Thank you.

  109. Voixautre how about a Graham Parker series? He deserves it, his music sounds as vital as ever. Saludos.

  110. El Isabelino, Hi, a Parker series is certainly a great idea; however, it probably won't happen here. I already have too many series going as it is and to be honest, my life has been turned upside down recently and I'm not sure how much longer I will even continue blogging. I'm sorry- v

  111. Sorry to hear about your situation voixautre. My best wishes to you always. Saludos.

  112. Let's Active (Mitch Easter) or The Bongos (Richard Barone) series would be cool


  114. TRISOMIE 21 - discography

    The Young Gods - discography

    Ghost Dance - Gathering Dust

    His Name Is Alive - Mouth By Mouth

    Invisible Limits - Love Will Tear Us Apart [cds]

    galaxy 500/Luna...park discography

    The cramps - discography

    Men or Astroman Discography

    The Primitives - discography

    Stiff Little finges - - peel sessions

    wedding present - peel sessions


    ....Greetings from japan/ Ronin

  115. Any chance of getting hold of the two the Dukes of Stratosfear albums? There is only an expensive & very incomplete Compilation available on CD now. There are some great psych moments on them as the XTC go all Arnold Layne on us....

  116. Avallanius, they were posted on the other blog a while back:

  117. Do you have "Wanna Buy a Bridge?" I'd love to hear that again

  118. I'm looking for a decent flac or 320 copy of Julian Cope's Citizen Cain'd... I can only find a 128(!!!)copy online... be much appreciated if you've got it. Looooooove the blog.

  119. Does Ben Vaughn exist at all anywhere?

  120. hi voix, i would like to request for New Order - In Hindsight 1 & 2 in 320, but in flac would be great. gracias.

  121. i would love to see those nikki sudden cds re-upped...please?and ty

  122. hey,

    I would love to hear the Phill Brown/Dave Allison album AV1, which features Mark Hollis. I can't find it anywhere online, to buy or download. Would you be able to re-up the link that was featured here:

    Thank you!

  123. Hey,
    The links are down for Blur- 10 Year Anniversary Box Set (1999) MP3 & FLAC -For sradams777 and it would be really great if you could up them.


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