Friday, January 7, 2011

Mick Karn- Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters (1987) MP3 & FLAC -In Memory of Mick Karn-

"I burn a candle in your place. I picture the passions on your face. Feelings that rise on a wave and fall away."

What's most notable about Mick Karn's second solo album, Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters, is that it marked a rekindling of his working relationship with ex-Japan mate David Sylvian. Sylvian lends his inimitable vocals to two of the album's tracks, "Buoy" & "When Love Walks In," and it is no suprise that these are the most memorable moments on the otherwise instrumental album. Nevertheless, except for "Answer," which is built on choir-like vocal washes and goes absolutely nowhere (something like a Dead Can Dance throwaway), these instrumentals can be quite charming. The percussion is a little plodding at times, but there is some fine Japan-esque keyboard work provided by Karn, and of course his lovely, slinky bass work.

Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters
1. First Impression  (5:11)
2. Language of Ritual  (5:39)
3. Buoy (Featuring D. Sylvian)  (4:57)
4. Land  (4:25)
5. The Three Fates  (4:14)
6. When Love Walks In (Featuring D. Sylvian)  (6:18)
7. Dreams of Reason  (3:48)
8. Answer  (5:29)


  1. Yes, thank you for keeping Mick's memory alive -- unfortunately your FLAC download is not decoding properly. Perhaps you could re-offer?
    Thanks . . .

  2. Anonymous, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the FLAC file. I tried downloading it, then decoded to WAV and uploaded to iTunes, and it plays perfectly. Could it be a problem on your end? To what format were you decoding and what happened?

  3. Anonymous, try decoding again and let me know how it goes

  4. Thanks for your response -- I used WinRAR to extract and Trader's Little Helper to decode. Both are normally quite reliable. While WinRAR made a successful extraction, TLH was unable to decode to WAV without errors. Tried on two separate computers with the same result. I'll see if there are some other options and try again. Many thanks for your concern . . .

  5. Hi, if you continue having no luck, I'll reupload the original file and post the link in the comments. Also, you might also try xrecode II for decoding:

  6. g'day volxautre. would really like to listen to this but i don't seem to be able to DL it from MU. It's starts out ok than just peters out to nothing. Tried it with a DL manager but after 4 days i only have 100mb. Today i keep getting a 'download didn't go through, please try again' msg.
    Personally, i think the file is sitting on a dying server and MU is not going to do anything about it.

  7. Hi Anonymous, I'm going to re-up this FLAC download. When I have the new link up and running (tomorrow), I'll add another comment. Sorry for the delay!

  8. Anonymous, I've re-upped the FLAC file and posted the link. I hope this works for you

  9. Thanks for the re-up volxautre but sadly the same problem persists. DL starts off slow and the just gets slower until nothing happens.

    I normally get 2.0MB/sec from MU, but this starts at 200KB/sec and 25mb's later i'm down to 0mb/sec. Using a DL manager works ok but at this rate its going to take 16 separate log ons.

    Life's too short for this nonsense (i know it's not your fault, and i do appreciate the re-up). My life may be worse for never getting to hear this record but i will survive. hahaha.

    Thanks again for trying to help.

  10. Anonymous, since I re-upped, 9 people have downloaded, so it is working for others. What if I split the album into two smaller files and posted the URLs in the comments? Would this help?

  11. @ voixautre Well Mate, this one flew down for me, top speed from start to finish. So that is at least 10 happy punters!!!!!!!!

    Andonis Michaelides's stuff is monitored far more closely since his untimely passing but (as is your way) you are offering a very nice rip with excellent artwork. Once again I thank you.



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