Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The House of Love- 1986-1988: The Creation Recordings (2001) MP3 & FLAC

"I sold you a favour in the dark. Got a salt dream and a red scar. Weak, bending in the wind, two good words and white skin."

Posed precariously between the death of The Smiths (and Post-Punk itself for that matter) and the rise of Brit-Pop in the early nineties, The House of Love were strangely untethered to their own time and place. As a result, though they were easily the equal of most of their Post-Punk influences, Guy Chadwick & co. were destined to fall through the cracks of commercial success. What remained after the band self-destructed in the mid-nineties due to drug abuse and record company bullshit was a waiting-to-be-rediscovered discography saturated with sublime guitar-pop, not quite Post-Punk, not quite Shoegaze, not quite Brit-Pop, but somehow transcending them all. The Creation Recordings focuses on what many believe to be the band's most fertile period, when lead guitarist Terry Bickers was still involved in the proceedings. These are gorgeous, haunting pop songs that manage to look backward and forward simultaneously, which is why, unlike many of their better known peers, The House of Love invoke a sense of timelessness with their music.

1986-1988: The Creation Recordings
 1. Christine  (3:26)
 2. Hope  (2:57)
 3. Road  (3:44)
 4. Sulphur  (3:06)
 5. Man to Child  (2:49)
 6. Salome  (2:30)
 7. Love in a Car  (3:59)
 8. Happy  (2:54)
 9. Fisherman's Tale  (3:44)
10. Touch Me  (3:03)
11. Shine On  (3:19)
12. Plastic  (2:04)
13. Love  (2:25)
14. Real Animal  (3:00)
15. The Hedonist  (4:03)
16. Flow  (2:37)
17. Nothing to Me  (3:11)
18. Welt  (3:20)
19. On the Hill  (2:54)
20. Lonliness Is a Gun  (2:26)
21. Destroy the Heart  (2:42)
22. Blind  (2:37)
23. Mr. Jo  (3:55)


  1. Nice post and I agree with your assessment.

  2. thanks- I'll post more House of Love soon

  3. House of Love were amazing, it’s too bad they didn’t get the attention they deserved. I heard a Guy Chadwick solo album recently, it was okay, but it really made me miss the old House of Love stuff.

  4. Jeff, HOL were one of the best bands of the late 80s early 90s, but somehow slid through the cracks. I agree about the Chadwick album. What did you think of the new stuff that came out several years back?

  5. Actually, until just now reading this and then popping over to ‘rate your music’ I was totally unaware of any further releases after Audience With The Mind. I am definitely going to check it out.

  6. Ok, I believe I'll start out with this compilation.


  7. El Lovecrafto, this compilation is all of their recordings previous to the butterfly album. After the butterfly album, they released "Babe Rainbow," which is also good, though not as good as the earlier stuff. Thank you for following the blog! Welcome aboard. :)


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