Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Orange Juice- Coals to Newcastle (2010) Box Set (6 Discs) MP3 & FLAC -For pixiesfan-

"The difference between you and me is that the world owes you a living, and you always tow the party line in your loving and your giving."

It is hard to overestimate the influence of the Scottish Post-Punk band Orange Juice on what we refer to now, thirty years, later as "indie music." Progenitors of a sound firmly grounded in the Punk and Post-Punk movements of the late seventies, Orange Juice also turned many of the conventions of these genres on their heads with their off-kilter melodic tendencies and Edwyn Collins' twee vocal style (which laid the groundwork for everything from Haircut 100 to Belle and Sebastian). This was a band equally inspired by The Velvet Underground, Al Green, The Buzzcocks, and Lee "Scratch" Perry, which should give some indication of just how singular they sounded. In general, Orange Juice's early Postcard singles are held in highest esteem in terms of the band's legacy, and one listen to a song such as "Blue Boy" on the first disc, The Glasgow School, should leave no doubt as to why. With the runaway train percussion, chiming guitars, and Collins' fractured vocals all wedded to a great melodic hook, the song, in one way or another, anticipates every major trope of today's indie music scene. Orange Juice didn't issue a proper LP until 1982's You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, and by this time, many of the rough edges of their sound had been polished away, allowing Collins' love for Soul and Reggae to weigh in more insistently. Despite this, flashes of the same dark, shambolic brilliance of the earlier sides can be found in the later work; for example, one of the album's singles, Al Green's "L.O.V.E. Love," sounds like a Soul song that has wandered its way onto The Velvet Underground's Loaded. Perhaps Orange Juice's most commercial moment is found on their second LP, Rip It Up, with its infectious title track (Orange Juice's sole hit) that stands as a nearly perfect example of early-eighties Brit-Pop; however, digging a little further into the album reveals a pronounced Reggae and Afro-Beat influence, which ranges from awkward ("Hokoyo") to thoroughly compelling ("Breakfast Time"). Simply put, there just isn't another band that sounds remotely like Orange Juice; nevertheless, as is the case with one of their guiding influences, The Velvet Underground, one can hear their influence everywhere. Soulful, quirky and privilegers of randomness over polish, Orange Juice's relative obscurity betrays their uncompromising brilliance.

Coals to Newcastle (2010 6-Disc Box Set)

Disc I: The Glasgow Scool
 1. Falling and Laughing (Postcard 7')  (4:01)
 2. Moscow (Postcard 7')  (2:01)
 3. Moscow Olympics (Postcard 7')  (2:07)
 4. Felicity (Live)  (2:48)
 5. Blue Boy (Postcard 7')  (2:54)
 6. Love Sick (Postcard 7')  (2:27)
 7. Simply Thrilled Honey (Postcard 7')  (2:44)
 8. Breakfast Time (Postcard 7')  (1:56)
 9. Poor Old Soul, Pt. 1 (Postcard 7')  (2:30)
10. Poor Old Soul, Pt 2 (Postcard 7')  (2:39)
11. Louise Louise  (2:50)
12. Three Cheers for Our Side  (2:52)
13. (To Put It in a) Nutshell  (4:06)
14. Satellite City  (2:43)
15. Consolation Prize  (3:10)
16. Holiday Hymn  (3:01)
17. Intuition Told Me, Pt. 1  (1:14)
18. Intuition Told Me, Pt. 2  (3:23)
19. Wan Light  (2:31)
20. Dying Day  (3:10)
21. Texas Fever  (1:44)
22. Tender Object  (4:42)
23. Poor Old Soul (French Version)  (2:35)
24. Poor Old Soul (Instrumental Version)  (4:26)
25. Simply Thrilled Honey (Live)  (2:40)
26. Botswana (Live)  (1:15)
27. Time to Develop (Live)  (1:46)
28. Blue Boy (Live)  (3:01)

Disc II: You Can't Hide Your Love Forever
 1. Falling and Laughing  (3:51)
 2. Untitled Melody  (2:07)
 3. Wan Light  (2:24)
 4. Tender Object  (4:25)
 5. Dying Day  (3:00)
 6. L.O.V.E. Love  (3:34)
 7. Intuition Told Me, Pt. 1  (1:10)
 8. Upwards and Onwards  (2:28)
 9. Satellite City  (2:41)
10. Three Cheers for Our Side  (2:50)
11. Consolation Prize  (2:53)
12. Felicity  (2:35)
13. In a Nutshell  (4:20)
-Bonus Tracks-
14. Intuition Told Me, Pt. 2 (B-Side)  (3:18)
15. Moscow (B-Side)  (2:03)
16. You Old Eccentric (B-Side)  (2:42)
17. Two Hearts Together (10' Version)  (4:06)
18. I Can't Help Myself (7' Version)  (3:31)
19. Tongues Begin to Wag  (4:15)
20. Barbecue  (4:51)

Disc III: Rip It Up
 1. Rip It Up  (5:20)
 2. A Million Pleading Faces  (3:16)
 3. Mud in Your Eye  (3:48)
 4. Turn Away  (3:29)
 5. Breakfast Time  (5:11)
 6. I Can't Help Myself  (5:07)
 7. Flesh of My Flesh  (3:13)
 8. Louise Louise  (2:56)
 9. Hokoyo  (5:07)
10. Tenterhook  (5:05)
-Bonus Tracks-
11. Rip It Up (12' Version)  (3:54)
12. Snake Charmer  (4:46)
13. Love Sick (Re-Recording)  (2:15)
14. Flesh of My Flesh (7' Version)  (3:16)
15. Lord John White and the Bottleneck Train (12' Version)  (4:43)
16. Flesh of My Flesh (12' Version)  (4:19)
17. All That Ever Mattered  (7:26)

Disc IV: Texas Fever
 1. Bridge  (3:39)
 2. Craziest Feeling  (3:02)
 3. Punch Drunk  (3:34)
 4. The Day I Went Down to Texas  (2:42)
 5. A Place in My Heart  (3:02)
 6. A Sad Lament  (4:45)
-Bonus Tracks-
 7. Out for the Count (B-Side)  (4:45)
 8. Bridge (Summer '83 Version)  (3:28)
 9. Poor Old Soul ( Re-Recording)  (3:14)
10. Leaner Period  (3:47)
11. Move Yourself  (3:14)
12. The Day I Went Down to Texas (Flexi Version)  (2:54)
13. Craziest Feeling (Unreleased Mix)  (3:03)
14. Bridge (Unreleased Mix)  (3:36)
15. The Day I Went Down to Texas (Unreleased Mix)  (2:44)
16. A Place in My Heart (Unreleased Mix)  (3:00)
17. Out for the Count (Unreleased Mix)  (3:56)
18. Punch Drunk (Unreleased Mix)  (3:33)

Disc V: The Orange Juice
 1. Lean Period  (3:20)
 2. I Guess I'm Just a Little Too Sensitive  (3:51)
 3. Burning Desire  (3:35)
 4. Scaremonger  (3:41)
 5. The Artisans  (2:24)
 6. What Presence?!  (3:57)
 7. Out for the Count  (3:54)
 8. Get While the Getting's Good  (3:35)
 9. All That Ever Mattered  (4:19)
10. Salmon Fishing in New York  (3:05)
-Bonus Tracks-
11. What Presence?! (12' Version)  (4:07)
12. A Place in My Heart (12' Dub Version)  (3:09)
13. In a Nutshell (Live)  (4:00)
14. Simply Thrilled Honey (Live)  (3:31)
15. Dying Day (Live)  (3:17)
16. Bury My Head in My Hands  (3:12)
17. Lean Period (12' Dub Version)  (4:08)
18. Rip It Up (Live)  (3:26)
19. What Presence?! (Live)  (4:10)
20. Burning Desire ("Alexis" Mix)  (3:30)
21. All That Ever Mattered (Alternate Version)  (4:21)

Disc VI: BBC Sessions
 1. Poor Old Soul (John Peel Session- Oct. 30, 1980)  (2:36)
 2. Young Old Eccentric (John Peel Session- Oct. 30, 1980)  (2:22)
 3. Falling and Laughing (John Peel Session- Oct. 30, 1980)  (3:24)
 4. Love Sick (John Peel Session- Oct. 30, 1980)  (2:24)
 5. Upwards and Onwards (Richard Skinner Session- Jan. 19, 1981)  (2:24) 
 6. Wan Light (Richard Skinner Session- Jan. 19, 1981)  (2:32)
 7. Felicity (Richard Skinner Session- Jan. 19, 1981)  (2:34)
 8. Dying Day (John Peel Session- Aug. 10, 1981)  (3:11)
 9. Holiday Hymn (John Peel Session- Aug. 10, 1981)  (3:08)
10. Three Cheers for Our Side (John Peel Session- Aug. 10, 1981)  (2:54)
11. Blokes on 45 (John Peel Session- Aug. 10, 1981)  (4:25)
12. Mud in Your Eye (Kid Jensen Session- May 4, 1982)  (3:44)
13. I Can't Help Myself (Kid Jensen Session- May 4, 1982)  (3:19)
14. In Spite of It All (Kid Jensen Session- May 4, 1982)  (2:43)
15. Turn Away (Kid Jensen Session- May 4, 1982)  (3:00)
16. What Presence?! (Kid Jensen Session- Feb. 22, 1984)  (3:44)
17. Salmon Fishing in New York (Kid Jensen Session- Feb. 22, 1984)  (2:32)
18. Bridge (Kid Jensen Session- Feb. 22, 1984)  (3:23)
19. BBC Interview (Part One) (With Richard Skinner, 1983)  (4:50)
20, BBC Interview (Part Two) (With Richard Skinner, 1983)  (3:32)



  1. Wow, I'm speechless. This is awesome. Thanks Voixautre

  2. pixiesfan, this was truly a labor of love. And my apologies for taking so long to post this. It was quite an undertaking, but I think it turned out pretty nice. Great request by the way- an amazing box set

  3. Thanks voix. That's a lot of extras. Saludos.

  4. tonytk & El Isabelino, enjoy exploring all this wonderful music. I'm feeling the urge to post some Edwyn soon

  5. many thanks for this voix! this is fantastic remastered stuff!

  6. marioscafe, yes, this is a beautifully put together set, enjoy :)

  7. Voixautre, you're one of the finest blogger around here. Thanks. I think that we have similar tastes in music, and it's a pity that we cannot shake our hands and speak about music with a cup of tea in front of us...greetings from Italy

  8. haikus, thank you for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate it. If you're ever in Southern California or if I ever make it to Italy, I'd like to have that cup of tea with you

  9. This is amazing! That is all I say can (and, of couse, thanks). Kurt

  10. Great stuff. I have some of it, but this is the full package.

    what I like about them, is that it's not "pure" rock nor pop, but a unique sound.

  11. Southern CA - anywhere within the LA vicinity? I am there on a routine basis visiting my two kids who moved from the East Coast to the West Coast. Kurt

  12. Lon, yes, as I was listening while writing the review, I was knocked out by how unique they were. Truly underrated

  13. Kurt, I'm just south of the land of roses

  14. Well, this ain't a bad way to investigate this band for this first time :o) THANKS!!!!!
    - martwwa

    Never knew that "Felicity" is actually by OJ - always thought it was a Wedding Present song.

    Unfortunately the download of disc #3 keeps stalling at around 10% for me. The problem seems to be with Megaupload ... Does anyone else know of this problem? The other 5 volumes download just fine.


  16. Pete, the file is downloading fine for me. You might consider becoming a premium MU member for one month, which would speed up your DL significantly

  17. It's the mp3 link that's my problem. How does that download for you?

  18. Pete, I can download it, but it is strangely slow. I'll re-up the file and see it that fixes things. When I change the link, I'll leave a comment to let you know :)

  19. Pete, I re-upped the file and have posted it in place of the old link. Give this one a try :)

  20. holy crap. thanks for this a thousand times.

    this is Jeff posting anon by the way, ha.

  21. Thank you SO much! I have been looking for this everywhere and hardly found anything until now.. love them.

  22. Anon., my pleasure. This was such an exciting post to create because it's such an amazing box set and it wasn't available anywhere else. Enjoy! I'll be posting Edwyn Collins' first solo album, "Hope and Despair," very soon

  23. thanks for the peel sessions, currently downloading!

  24. felix, I was really glad I could get this box set posted in lossless; it is so amazing. Enjoy!

  25. WoW!
    I thought I already owned all of the stuff by this band.... But 6 Discs! WoW! again.

  26. Exeter, my pleasure. I will be posting some more Scottish post-punk bands in the near future, such as Fire Engines, Scars, and The Associates.

  27. Thank you sooooooooo much! I love Orange Juice--I have all of their albums. But now I can have all of their albums PLUS bonus tracks, BBC sessions, and REMASTERED SOUND. I am ecstatic. You are AWESOME! Thank you, very, very, very much!


  28. JDT, my pleasure. This is such an amazing box set for such an amazing band. I will be posting some more Scottish post-punk bands soon. I will try to get a Scars post up this coming week. Thank you for commenting!

  29. Thank you, I'm really looking forward to that and The Fire Engines =) Thank you for running a great blog!


  30. This is a dream come true! Thank you so, so much!

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  43. Ah... blows that this is gone. Looks like it was a great set.


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