Friday, January 28, 2011

Forest Swords- Dagger Paths + Rattling Cage EP (2010) MP3 & FLAC

While bearing a passing resemblance to the Post-Rock-meets-Dub palette of bands such as Labradford and Bowery Electric, Matthew Barnes' Forest Swords project effectively transcends such comparisons by integrating Post-Punk, Kraut-Rock, Reggae, R&B, and Techno influences into its reverb-drenched mix. Barnes' spiderweb-spinning guitar work coupled with the Dub-heavy atmospherics on tracks such as "Miarches" and "Glory Gongs" sounds something like Tom Verlaine in low gear fronting a space-rock band produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry. What Barnes does best on Dagger Paths is create some dark, atmospheric gems, all deftly structured around a surprisingly unique mix of influences. Yes, it is clearly indebted, in the guitar-atmospherics department, to Verlaine's instrumental work on, for example, Around and Warm and Cool; however, there is something dynamic and original about the EP, which has me highly anticipating Forest Swords' next move.

Dagger Paths EP
1. Miarches  (6:23)
2. Hoylake Misst  (7:52)
3. Visits  (3:31)
4. Glory Gongs  (6:24)
5. If Your Girl  (6:26)
6. The Light  (3:29)

Rattling Cage EP
7. Rattling Cage  (3:51)
8. Hjurt  (4:10)


  1. Tom Verlaine in low gear fronting a space-rock band produced by Lee "Scratch" it is worth a download just off that description. Epitaph and Triumvirate are my favorite kraut rockers.

  2. Puffy chest Chuffy PestJanuary 28, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    Whoops it is Triumvirat but I'm sure you knew that. ;-)

  3. Chest, now I'm nervous- I hope the album lives up to my description ;)

  4. One track in and I'm hooked. Thanks!

  5. Hi scurfie, this one hooked me pretty quickly too. I'm ready for more!

  6. It is greeaatt! Love the bass lines and singer sounds like he is singing in a hallway or tunnel. Thanks for new musiks hookup.

  7. Hey fans of this may be interested in the new EP by Weird Ribs. Titled 803 Days it's a journey through space via electronic beats, rhythms and drones.
    Check it here:
    All the best!

  8. Anon. thanks for the recommendation! I'll give it a listen

  9. Already listen this in MP3,thank you for FLAC.
    It's very interesting album!

  10. sunday, yes, this was one of my favorites from 2010

  11. Glory Gongs man! Domo arigatooo!greetings from Japan

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