Monday, January 17, 2011

Tim Hecker- Haunt Me Haunt Me, Do It Again (2001) MP3 & FLAC

Haunt Me Haunt Me Do It Again bears little resemblance to Tim Hecker's previous output as Jetone, a minimalist-leaning Techno-based project that is also well worth seeking out. Recording for the first time under his own name, Hecker makes a radical departure into minimalist ambient territory, but such a description does little justice to the cavernous depths and glacial beauty that characterize this recording from start to finish. While lacking any trace of traditional song structure, each track is shaded with many layers of textural detail that make the album surprisingly accessible and conducive to repeated listens. Every percussive effect, every glitch, every plunked piano key reveals the vast sense of space woven into the music. This gives the album a bottomless feel, pulling the listener in but never fully revealing its depths. Completely belying its laptop origins, this is Electronic music at its best.

Haunt Me Haunt Me, Do It Again
 1. Music for Tundra, Part I  (5:13)
 2. Music for Tundra, Part II  (1:57)
 3. Music for Tundra, Part III  (0:39)
 4. Arctic Lover's Rock, Part I  (5:34)
 5. Arctic Lover's Rock, Part II  (0:56)
 6. The Work of Art in the Age of Cultural Overproduction  (7:35)
 7. October, Part I  (3:35)
 8. October, Part II  (1:08)
 9. Ghost Writing, Part I  (4:29)
10. Ghost Writing, Part II  (1:20)
11. City in Flames (In Three Parts), Part I  (2:58)
12. City in Flames (In Three Parts), Part II  (2:46)
13. City in Flames (In Three Parts), Part III  (0:54)
14. Border Lines, Part I  (4:56)
15. Border Lines, Part II  (0:21)
16. Boreal Kiss, Part I  (3:28)
17. Boreal Kiss, Part II  (0:32)
18. Boreal Kiss, Part III  (1:59)
19. Night Flight to Your Heart, Part I  (2:28)
20. Night Flight to Your Heart, Part II  (1:02)


  1. Don't have this one. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hecker is perhaps my favorite Electronic artist. He has something new coming out in February (if I remember correctly)

  3. It seems like this download is twice as big as it needs to be. there is a 324 MB .flac file that seems to be the whole album, complete with its own cue and log... I've gotten downloads that were all one file before, and i opened the .cue file in Burnaware free and burned a disc and then ripped that disc to get individual tracks... All apologies if i missed something, and kudos on your awesome blog!

  4. Anon, yes, that's my mistake for including that huge cue file, in effect doubling the size of the file

  5. hey could you upload the flac version again in mf?


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