Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dead Can Dance- 1981-1998 (2001) Box Set (3 Discs) MP3 & FLAC

"The great mass play a waiting game, embalmed, crippled, dying in fear of pain."

The career trajectory and creative evolution of Dead Can Dance is quite amazing given the band's humble beginnings: an Australian Punk band called The Marching Girls who couldn't land a recording contract. Brendan Perry eventually quit this band to pursue a more experimental musical muse, which ultimately resulted in the formation of Dead Can Dance with Lisa Gerrard in 1981. Early on, they were a four piece Goth-Industrial outfit with a slightly more exotic sound than most of their peers. However, over the course of the next 20 years, Dead Can Dance would prove to be one of the most singular and timeless bands of the Post-Punk era, integrating Gregorian chant, African percussion, Eastern Folk idioms, and Classical influences such as Arvo Part into their musical palette. The box set 1981-1998 attempts the impossible task of summarizing Dead Can Dance's discography, and while each of their original eight albums is represented by several songs, these, without exception, are better heard in their original contexts. What makes this box set worthwhile for those already familiar with the band's work are the rarities, which, though not plentiful, are quite desirable. Chief among these is a complete John Peel session recorded in 1983, a year before releasing their first LP for 4AD. Even at this early stage in the band's development, Lisa Gerrard's peerless alto and Brendan Perry's strangely Sinatra-esque baritone sound transcendent and creatively restless. Needless to say, this is absolutely essential listening.

1981-1998: Disc I
 1. Frontier (Demo)  (3:01)
 2. Labour of Love (John Peel Session- Nov. 19, 1983)  (3:56)
 3. Ocean (John Peel Session- Nov. 19, 1983)  (3:38)
 4. Orion (John Peel Session- Nov. 19, 1983)  (3:28)
 5. Threshold (John Peel Session- Nov. 19, 1983)  (4:10)
 6. Carnival of Light (John Peel Session- June 2, 1984)  (3:18)
 7. In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated  (4:07)
 8. De Profundis (Out of the Depths of Sorrow)  (3:59)
 9. Avatar  (4:35)
10. Enigma of the Absolute  (4:15)
11. Summoning of the Muse  (4:58)
12. Anywhere Out of the World  (5:08)
13. Windfall  (3:32)
14. Cantara  (5:58)
15. In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-Eyed Are Kings  (4:12)
16. Bird  (5:00)
17. The Protagonist  (8:54)

1981-1998: Disc II
 1. Severance  (3:23)
 2. The Host of Seraphim  (6:19)
 3. Song of Sophia  (1:28)
 4. The Arrival and the Reunion  (1:41)
 5. Black Sun  (4:58)
 6. The Promised Womb  (3:26)
 7. Saltarello  (2:37)
 8. The Song of the Sibyl  (3:46)
 9. Spirit  (5:01)
10. Yulunga (Spirit Dance)  (6:56)
11. The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove  (4:35)
12. Sloth (Live, KCRW- Aug. 16, 1993)  (2:40)
13. Bylar (Live, Keswick Theater, Philadelphia- July 10, 1996)
14. The Carnival Is Over  (5:45)
15. The Spider's Stratagem  (6:42)
16. The Wind That Shakes the Barley (Live, KCRW- Aug. 16, 1993)  (2:32)
17. How Fortunate the Man with None  (9:09)

1981-1998: Disc III
1. I Can See Now  (2:56)
2. American Dreaming  (4:30)
3. Tristan  (1:48)
4. Sanvean  (3:46)
5. Rakim  (5:39)
6. Gloridean  (5:51)
7. Don't Fade Away  (5:10)
8. Nierika  (5:45)
9. Song of the Nile  (8:01)
10. Sambatiki (From Sambatiki Tour Programme)  (7:31)
11. Indus  (9:24)
12. The Snake and the Moon (Edit)  (4:13)
13. The Lotus Eaters (6:42)


  1. When Varg Vikernes was in Mayhem and in the car on his way to kill Euronymous he jammed Dead Can Dance during the long drive. Fun trivia for grimm & *troo* and kvlt black metallers!

  2. Wonderful post - thank you very much for being so generous.

  3. @Tuff Snarl

    So what if Varg jammed DCD?
    It's more than obvious that post-punk and industrial heavily influenced black metal.

  4. DCD are back !
    have to wait next year

  5. douxee, what do you mean? Are they recording something new?

  6. Yes, they are recording again - for 2012.

  7. Anon., thanks so much for the update. New DCD on the horizon: amazing!


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