Thursday, January 13, 2011

Antony & The Johnsons- I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy EP (2001) MP3 & FLAC

"Deliver them from the book and the letter and the word, and let them read the silence under soft black stars."

Released on the heels of Antony's under-appreciated debut album, the I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy EP is a little-known gem, employing the more intimate, stripped down sound that would help characterize his next album, I Am a Bird Now, as an artistic breakthrough. While the EP's title track is a memorable piece of necrophilia-themed chamber-gloom, the two covers are the real attraction: "Mysteries of Love" from Twin Peaks fame and Current 93's "Soft Black Stars."  The latter stands as one of the most achingly beautiful and exceedingly dark songs Antony has recorded. This hard-to-find EP is not to be missed.

I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy EP
1. I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy  (3:56)
2. Mysteries of Love  (5:45)
3. Soft Black Stars  (4:35)


  1. I experienced the glorious joy of seeing Current 93 in Toronto back in 2005 at St George-the-Martyr Anglican Church. They played two nights, one with Baby Dee and Simon Finn, the next night with Six Organs of Admittance and Antony. I only had tickets for the first night with Baby Dee and Simon, but was told by several people at the show that if I came back the next night that I would most certainly be able to attend, which thrilled me immensely. Unfortunately, my girlfriend at the time was with me and she loathed every minute of it. So alas, I didn’t get to go back to see Antony. The plus side is that we roamed a bit that night and happened upon The Raveonettes and Autolux– Autolux was absolutely astounding.

    So, still haven’t seen Antony, he kind of blew up with the hipsters after that and I probably won’t get another chance.

    Oh well. I guess this was kind of pointless, sorry for rambling aimlessly.

  2. Jeff, that was far from aimless rambling. It sounds like it was an amazing show, but the next night would have been transcendent (maybe). Unfortunately, I have a number of "my girlfriend at the time" stories as well. One cajoled me into leaving a Lou Reed show halfway through ("New York" tour). I think I dumped her soon after for that :)

  3. The worst thing about it was that she had, knowing how much of a C93 fan I am, purchased the tickets for me as a birthday gift then grumbled through the entire thing. It kind of tarnished the gesture; and no, we didn’t last much longer than that.


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