Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Big Pink- A Brief History of Love (2009) MP3 & FLAC -Links Sadly Removed-

"Into the dark and out of this world. Blow a kiss and burn it down. Together we'll live then turn to dust. Through the smoke and into the sun."

Yes, I'll admit that this is a band whose sound is not shy about revealing its influences, but who can argue with a concoction of My Bloody Valentine, Catherine Wheel, and Ride with some early Verve mixed in for good measure?  Despite my invocation of "spot-the-influence" (which is rarely a compliment) this mash-up really does come together, bending and twisting into something new and pretty damned irresistible (apparently Jaguar found "Dominos" pretty irresistible too). Underneath all the swagger and romantic vitriol (there's that pesky Verve again), there are some great songs on A Brief History of Love, which, in the end, is what makes an album worth returning to. Nevertheless, I am left with a lingering question: where does The Big Pink go from here? Here's hoping they don't take up an interest in pop culture shamanism, or they may end up like Verve.

A Brief History of Love
 1. Crystal Visions  (5:48)
 2. Too Young to Love  (4:09)
 3. Dominos  (3:46)
 4. Love in Vain  (4:08)
 5. At War with the Sun  (4:11)
 6. Velvet  (4:12)
 7. Golden Pendulum  (4:37)
 8. Frisk  (4:42)
 9. A Brief History of Love  (4:53)
10. Tonight  (3:35)
11. Count Backwards from Ten  (3:08)

MU: Lossy (MP3@320) (Link Removed by Blogger Edict)

MU: Lossless (FLAC) (Link Removed by Blogger Edict)

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  1. I had this in 320 and I was hoping some day to see it in Flac. Thank you!

  2. I'm glad. I'm trying to post stuff that doesn't seem to be readily available in FLAC for some reason. This was one of my favorites of 2009.

  3. Blogger has removed the links due to a DMCA takedown notification. My apologies to those finding this post too late.


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