Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dalis Car- "His Box" Video (1984) Live, Old Grey Whistle Test -In Memory of Mick Karn-

Here's a live track from a short-lived collaboration between Mick Karn and Peter Murphy of Bauhaus. Word is, they were planning to record a second Dalis Car album in 2011, but Karn passed away yesterday, succumbing to cancer. More Dalis Car to follow...


  1. Another band that I heard of but not familiar with their music. I think the hair fashion is coming back btw.

  2. Yes, if this current eighties style revival continues, I may have to revive the Daniel Ash look I sported back then. Dalis Car and a few other Mick Karn-related posts are in the pipeline. Blogger was a bitch last night- the new post page wouldn't fully load until it was too late in the evening/morning to write a coherent review, so I posted the video instead.


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