Sunday, January 2, 2011

Espers- S/T (2004) MP3 & FLAC

"So we circle and strive and reverse when we drive so we'll never arrive."

While it is clear that the members of Espers are profoundly influenced by the British-Folk scene of the 1960's and 70's, they are also practitioners of a dark brand of psychedelia that, when wedded to their otherwise baroque inclinations, makes for a heady brew best described as an Elizabethan acid-trip. While casual listeners may dismiss Espers as just another derivative hippie-worshiping indie band, this is simply not the case. This debut album positively drips with melancholy, and Espers use their influences as a jumping off point rather than a destination, always taking familiar sounds somewhere new and usually quite foreboding (and where else are you going to hear an auto-harp and acid guitar drone in the same song?). More Espers coming soon.

1. Flowery Noontide  (4:10)
2. Meadow  (4:11)
3. Riding  (4:09)
4. Voices  (3:44)
5. Hearts & Daggers  (8:34)
6. Byss & Abyss  (6:03)
7. Daughter  (3:03)
8. Travel Mountains  (6:30)


  1. Hi J Thyme...kind, I do too; I'm planning to post "The Weed Tree" very soon. What did you think of Espers most recent album? p.s. thanks for following the blog!


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