Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Low & Dirty Three- In the Fishtank EP (2001) MP3 & FLAC

"I hear the window shake. I hear the silence break. I hear the moon turn to blood."

The pairing of Low and Dirty Three is easily the highpoint of Konkurrent's In the Fishtank series and never fails to leave me mourning the fact that these bands have not recorded together since. Nevertheless, what we do have here is an EP-length document of a truly inspired collaboration resulting in a creative alchemy that transforms these bands into something greater than the sum of their parts (and don't get me wrong, these are pretty amazing parts). Admittedly, Dirty Three tends to play a supporting role here, but their distinctive shambling Post-Rock ethos cuts through Low's hushed oceanic thickness, making it sound even more melancholy and epic. The centerpiece of the EP is a sublime 10-minute cover of Neil Young's "Down by the River," which proceeds by turning the song inside-out until Mimi Parker's deceptively lullabye-esque vocals lead us further into spiritual darkness. A small masterpiece.

In the Fishtank EP
1. I Hear...Goodnight  (3:10)
2. Down by the River  (9:38)
3. Invitation Day  (5:00)
4. When I Called Upon Your Seed  (3:55)
5. Cody  (4:06)
6. Lordy  (4:20)


  1. voixautre, Would you mind sending me an email so that we might correspond? Thanks!

  2. i LOVE their version of down by the river!
    thanks for posting.

  3. You are most certainly welcome- are you sure we haven't met before?

  4. I was fortunate enough to see Low back in 93 when they were just releasing their first album. They had stopped in town and asked one of the local bars if they could play because they needed gas and food money. I was blown away. I think it was a 3 dollar show and they played to an audience of about ten people. I’ve been following their career ever since.

  5. Jeff, wow, what a great story. I discovered this amazing band a little later (mid-90s), and have been in love with their sound ever since.


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