Monday, January 10, 2011

Brian Eno Series, #2: Brian Eno- Small Craft on a Milk Sea (2010) Limited Ed. Box (Bonus Disc) MP3 & FLAC

I'm not sure whether Small Craft on a Milk Sea is best described as a return to form for Brian Eno or a case of self-reflection on his groundbreaking 70s ambient work coupled with a nod to contemporary Electronic music. Whichever it is (and why can't it be both?), this album pleasantly surprised me, especially given that it is, in part, comprised of some rejected soundtrack compositions. When Small Craft on a Milk Sea tries to sound contemporary (a move which more often than not makes an album sound dated), it tends to go percussive, really percussive compared to the more obviously Eno-esque ambient tracks. Occasionally, this undermines the album's cohesiveness; however, the highlights manage to do Eno's back-catalog justice, making this more than just another easily forgotten release by an elder-statesman of sound manipulation. The

Small Craft on a Milk Sea:
 1. Emerald and Lime  (3:02)
 2. Complex Heaven  (3:05)
 3. Small Craft on a Milk Sea  (1:49)
 4. Flint March  (1:56)
 5. Horse  (3:02)
 6. 2 Forms of Anger  (3:15)
 7. Bone Jump  (2:22)
 8. Dust Shuffle  (1:54)
 9. Paleosonic  (4:25)
10. Slow Ice, Old Moon  (3:25)
11. Lesser Heaven  (3:21)
12. Calcium Needles  (3:25)
13. Emerald and Stone  (2:12)
14. Written, Forgotten  (3:55)
15. Late Anthropocene  (8:09)

Small Craft on a Milk Sea: Bonus Disc
1. Surfacing  (2:19)
2. Square Chain  (2:36)
3. Bimini Twist  (3:13)
4. Abandoned Ship  (3:45)


  1. The bonus disc is nice to have. I'm also looking for an audio rip of "Seven Sessions on a Milk Sea."

  2. I will look for Seven Sessions too.

  3. Hi Scurfie, thank; I haven't had much luck. The videos are available, but I haven't seen an audio rip (or rips) unfortunately

  4. I had the first release so a big thanks for the bonus disc.

  5. Hi Michael, thanks for visiting the blog. Please consider "following" the blog and let me know if you have any requests.

  6. Dear Voixautre, Thankyou so very,much. I got Ambient 1 a couple of nights ago (truly beautiful!). Although no stranger to his work - especially with Roxy & Bowie (I'd started buying both back in '79 when I was 14 - and within a short few years had practically everything by them). Back then I was buying the likes of Crass + Misty In Roots also! A wonderful blog you have!


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