Thursday, February 17, 2011

Step into the Brave New World of Lossless (or Not...I Was Persuaded to Change My Mind on This, but You Can Still Enjoy the Kitten Photo!)

The Killing Moon will no longer be providing links to MP3 files unless FLAC is unvailable, and while I know this will disappoint some, it will cut the time I spend uploading files in half. This, at least in theory, should allow me to post more often; however, because I write my own content, I will never be able to post as prolifically as the other lossless sites who do not provide original content with their posts. Why? Simply because it takes time to write and edit good material.  I invite you to visit the "Why FLAC" tab beneath the header for a detailed explanation of how you can familiarize yourself (if you haven't already done so) with the FLAC format and how to convert it to other formats. If you become confused about the conversion programs, lossy vs. lossless or anything else, please leave a comment on the "Why FLAC" page and I will do my best to help out - voixautre

p.s. MP3 downloaders, I really want you to keep coming back, but I'm faced with a situation in which FLAC downloads are outnumbering MP3 downloads 9 to 1 on most posts. Please let me help you figure out this lossless stuff

p.p.s. I should have mentioned that MP3s will be fazed out rather than instantaneously stopped, because I still have some already uploaded and ready to post. However, I will no longer be uploading MP3 files for future posts

I heard studies have shown that cute kitten photos make people less angry about losing MP3 links ;)


  1. J. Alfred PrüfrockFebruary 17, 2011 at 3:19 AM

    Eye was a big mp3 head until middle of last year. Had downloaded a bunch of good flacs Radiohead, Budgie, Nick Drake, Epitaph, Frank Zappa and Burzum and forgot about them on a disc. Dug out the disc one day downloaded a flac plug-in for player and was blown away by the quality which is twice that of an mpeg layer three. Sure they are big on space but hdd's are cheap right now. Bravo on your decision to go all flac. Two thumbs up.

  2. I was forced to move to Flac a few years ago and I have never looked back. I agree with your decision. Actually the quality of the posts and not the quantity is what I find most rewarding. I know how hard it is to write comments that are engaging and thought provoking. Anybody can cut and paste from Amazon! Ditto the thumbs.

  3. Go for FLAC - I'm sure MP3's make for lazy ears in the long run. Do you do bootlegs too? Seeing the above comment makes me think that I'd love some Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley - I've got loads in MP3 but not in so much in Flac.

    Good site for discovering different music.


  4. J. Alfred, scurfie, and Anon., thank you for your comments. I moved to Flac a couple of years ago because I got tired of finding great lossless uploads on AvaxHome but feeling clueless about what to do with them. Scurfie, as you so eloquently put it, I've never looked back. Anon. I do have some boots to post (Mazzy Star & Sigur Ros to start), I just haven't gotten around to it. I will make an effort to get some Jeff (and Tim) Buckley, as well as Nick Drake (a personal favorite), in the coming weeks- man in the moon

  5. The MP3 guys can use "Switch Sound Converter" to convert to 320. It works great and there is a free version here:

  6. Its easy to convert from flac to mp3 but you can't go the other way so its no big loss. There's also about 100 mp3 blogs for every one in flac so if anyone wants to find stuff on mp3 theres plenty out there. If it makes your life easier to stick to flac then I'm all for it. Keep up the good work and long may you post.

  7. Its easy to convert from flac to mp3 but you can't go the other way so its no big loss.
    I'm agree and if you have a headphone or Hi-Fi machine, your ears will thanks you.

  8. yes, thanks douxee; I happen to be ripping some more Czars material as I write


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