Thursday, February 17, 2011

Siouxsie and the Banshees- Voices on the Air: The Peel Sessions (2006) MP3 & FLAC -For David-

"With a jaundiced wink, see his cunning slink. Oh, trust in me my pretty one."

If your frame of reference for Siouxsie and the Banshees is their "Peek-a-Boo" era goth-pop, then hearing some of these early Peel Session tracks dating back to 1977 will be a profound ear-opener. In an earlier post, I wrote that Bauhaus' debut album along with their "Bela Lugosi's Dead" single were largely responsible for the rise of the early Goth movement, but based on the evidence of these early Peel Sessions, a strong case can be made for Siouxsie Sioux having played a major role in the development of both Goth in particular and Post-Punk in general. This music is exceedingly dark, beautifully abrasive, and then there's Siouxsie's singular, unmistakable voice, a piercing call-to-arms that Punk would refuse to be easily defined. It also strikes me that this compilation is a perfect tribute to the late John Peel. The earliest of these sessions were recorded at a time when no record company would touch Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Peel was instrumental (and fearless, as he was for many bands) in getting them exposure. This is a vastly underrated chapter of the Siouxsie discography, and in many cases, the songs are often better than the studio counterparts.

Voices on the Air: The Peel Sessions
 1. Love in a Void (Maida Vale 4, Nov. 29, 1977)  (2:39)
 2. Mirage (Maida Vale 4, Nov. 29, 1977)  (2:40)
 3. Metal Postcard (Mittageisen) (Maida Vale 4, Nov. 29, 1977)  (3:34)
 4. Suburban Relapse (Maida Vale 4, Nov. 29, 1977)  (3:05)
 5. Hong Kong Garden (Maida Vale 4, June 2, 1978)  (2:41)
 6. Overground (Maida Vale 4, June 2, 1978)  (3:10)
 7. Carcass (Maida Vale 4, June 2, 1978)  (3:42)
 8. Helter Skelter (Maida Vale 4, June 2, 1978)  (3:30)
 9. Placebo Effect (Maida Vale 6, Sept. 4, 1979)  (4:23)
10. Playground Twist (Maida Vale 6, Sept. 4, 1979)  (3:05)
11. Regal Zone (Maida Vale 6, Sept. 4, 1979)  (3:53)
12. Poppy Day (Maida Vale 6, Sept. 4, 1979)  (2:04)
13. Halloween (Langham 1, Oct. 2, 1981)  (3:38)
14. Voodoo Dolly (Langham 1, Oct. 2, 1981)  (6:30)
15. But Not Them (Langham 1, Oct. 2, 1981)  (3:32)
16. Into the Night (Langham 1, Oct. 2, 1981)  (4:21)
17. Candyman (Maida Vale 5, Jan. 28, 1986)  (3:46)
18. Cannons (Maida Vale 5, Jan. 28, 1986)  (3:19)
19. Lands End (Maida Vale 5, Jan. 28, 1986)  (6:18)


  1. great post voixautre ! thx to david too
    i think he's connected to my mind =)
    can i request Juju LP before The Church series ?

  2. Hi, Scream Deluxe is next, but JuJu is now on the horizon. The Church series is a ways off

  3. Can we make the case that Kiss was the one night stand father of goth? And without Alice Cooper there won't have been Kiss? And who is responsible for glam? David Bowie? T-Rex? And would there have been the New York Dolls if there hadn't been The Stooges or Lou Reed? My brain is hurting ........

  4. thanks for this! great stuff! my wife is going to love this.

  5. diskostew, my pleasure. There is more Siouxsie in the works

  6. Siouxsie was & is the original goth queen. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Mission (U.K.) Sisters of Mercy are some good gothers also from that era.

  7. Thanks. I have one of the early peels, the one with Helter Skelter. And Chris Reed of RLYL is one the unsung heroes of that great era, my personal favorite. Gracias & saludos.

  8. El Isabelino, I'll have to post some RLYL soon. Any requests?

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