Monday, February 14, 2011

The Cure- Disintegration (1989) Deluxe Edition (3 Discs) MP3 & FLAC -For Jo Jo-

"Because I feel it all fading and paling, and I'm begging to drag you down with me, to kick the last nail in."

Arguably the closet thing to an "epic" produced during the Post-Punk era and widely regarded as The Cure's masterpiece, Disintegration was, paradoxically, both a huge commercial success (rare at the time for an "alternative" record) and a dark, introspective ode to ambivalent love and bittersweet despair. While Robert Smith & co. had traded in much of their Post-Punk abrasiveness for a quirky brand of goth-pop by the late eighties, on Disintegration, they managed to integrate the gloomy, oblique soundscapes of their earlier work with a more lush, dreamily romantic, and grand-scale sound, which also resulted in a more direct approach by Smith both vocally and lyrically. Sadly, The Cure would never sound this ambitious or relevant again. Truly one of the landmark albums of the last 30 years and absolutely essential.

Disintegration (2010 Remastered Edition)
 1. Plainsong  (5:18)
 2. Pictures of You  (7:29)
 3. Closedown  (4:20)
 4. Love Song  (3:30)
 5. Last Dance  (4:46)
 6. Lullaby  (4:49)
 7. Fascination Street  (5:16)
 8. Prayers for Rain  (6:08)
 9. The Same Deep Water as You  (9:22)
10. Disintegration  (8:21)
11. Homesick  (7:09)
12. Untitled  (6:30)

Rarities: 1988-1989
 1. Prayers for Rain (Robert Smith Home Demo, Instrumental)  (3:01)
 2. Pictures of You (Robert Smith Home Demo, Instrumental)  (3:32)
 3. Fascination Street (Robert Smith Home Demo, Instrumental  (2:41)
 4. Homesick (Band Rehearsal, Instrumental)  (3:14)
 5. Fear of Ghosts (Band Rehearsal, Instrumental)  (2:59)
 6. Noheart (Band Rehearsal, Instrumental)  (2:42)
 7. Esten (Band Demo, Instrumental)  (3:15)
 8. Closedown (Band Demo, Instrumental)  (2:51)
 9. Love Song (Band Demo, Instrumental)  (3:42)
10. 2 Late (Alternate Version, Band Demo, Instrumental)  (2:52)
11. The Same Deep Water as You (Band Demo, Instrumental)  (6:06)
12. Disintegration (Band Demo, Instrumental)  (6:37)
13. Untitled (Alternate Version, Studio Rough, Instrumental)  (3:39)
14. Babble (Alternate Version, Studio Rough, Instrumental)  (3:01)
15. Plainsong (Studio Rough, Guide Vocal)  (4:46)
16. Last Dance (Studio Rough, Guide Vocal)  (4:43)
17. Lullaby (Studio Rough, Guide Vocal)  (3:49)
18. Out of Mind (Studio Rough, Guide Vocal)  (3:00)
19. Delirious Night (Rough Mix, Vocal)  (4:31)
20. Pirate Ships (Robert Smith Solo, Rough Mix, Vocal)  (3:38)

Enreat Plus
 1. Plainsong (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (5:19)
 2. Pictures of You (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (7:04)
 3. Closedown (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (4:22)
 4. Lovesong (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (3:24)
 5. Last Dance (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (4:37)
 6. Lullaby (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (4:14)
 7. Fascination Street (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (5:10)
 8. Prayers for Rain (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (4:50)
 9. The Same Deep Water as You (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (10:03)
10. Disintegration (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (7:55)
11. Homesick (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (6:47)
12. Untitled (Live, Wembley Arena, London, July '89)  (6:45)


  1. Jo Jo vs. The Shoe HornetFebruary 14, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    Wow! A three disc deluxe redux that is triple fat goose there, sonic ear spanking delights! Eye hope megaup doesn't say you have reached load down limits, *hehe*. Thanky!!

  2. 3 boys and Glove are in the works- stay tuned!

  3. What a big pile of utter fabulosity this post is!
    Many thanks and fawning gratitude.

  4. Anon., you're welcome. Eventually I'll post the other deluxe editions as well. I'll try to get one up soon

  5. Thanks a lot!

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