Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Jesus and Mary Chain- Darklands (1987) MP3 & FLAC -For oh hi there-

"She can take my darkest feeling, tear it up till I'm on my knees."

After Psychocandy, The Jesus and Mary Chain found themselves at something resembling an artistic crossroads. In retrospect, their debut was one of the most important records of the decade, but at the time of its release, there were many who saw its prevalent use of feedback as a gimmick. Of course, those who gave Psychocandy anything more than a cursory listen could tell there were some great songs bubbling up through the haze, so on their follow up, the Reid brothers opted to dial things down a bit. On Darklands, the songs seem more rooted in the existential twang of Lee Hazlewood than the arty dissonance of The Velvet Underground; as a result, the production is noticeably cleaner than on the previous album even if the subject-matter is as dark as ever. Songs such as "Deep One Perfect Morning" and "On the Wall" explore, in different ways, the pain born out of infatuation for another person, and each hit their mark by marrying deadpan Lou Reed-style vocals to big hooks. While not as influential as their debut, Darklands represents an artistic highpoint for The Jesus and Mary Chain, which they would spend the rest of their careers chasing under ill-fated stars. 

Darklands (2006 Remastered Edition)
 1. Darklands  (5:29)
 2. Deep One Perfect Morning  (2:44)
 3. Happy When It Rains  (3:44)
 4. Down on Me  (2:36)
 5. Nine Million Rainy Days  (4:31)
 6. April Skies  (4:01)
 7. Fall  (2:29)
 8. Cherry Came Too  (3:37)
 9. On the Wall  (5:06)
10. About You  (2:33)


  1. Oh boy! I'll grab this later when I'm home. Thanks!

  2. scurfie, could you also put out the word for The Comsat Angels "Waiting for a Miracle" remaster w/bonus trcks in lossless? (that is, if you don't already have it) thanks!

  3. This is great. Thanks for the earlier Warpaint posts too. I hadn't heard them before. So so good.

  4. oh hi there, my pleasure. Yes, the Warpaint albums are great, wish there was more to share, but that's all they've released so far. Enjoy the JAMC; I'll post some more eventually- probably the next three albums and the box set. Let me know if you have future requests- man in the moon


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