Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Juli@n Cop3- W0rld Shut Y0ur M0uth (1984) MP3 & FLAC

"Oh, my stars that fall like ashen memories amidst the trees, then burst like leper sunsets on the shore."

With World Shut Your Mouth, Julian Cope set in motion a long and circuitous solo career that would produce more masterpieces than most of his peers, while somehow never earning him anything more than a cult following. Cope is, indeed, a quirky songwriter, but he also happens to be an extremely talented one who is graced with one of the most distinctive voices to come out of the Post-Punk era. On his debut, he introduces the psychedelia-laced pop that he would continue to refine throughout the eighties and early nineties, and does so to brilliant effect. The opener, "Bandy's First Jump," is a perfect example of Cope's unique ability to marry obscure/strange lyrics to tight pop perfection, and on the classic "Elegant Chaos," Cope sounds something like an acid-drenched Billy Bragg singing an ode to existential resignation. World Shut Your Mouth  is truly a forgotten gem, but then again, one could say the same thing about any number of Cope's albums.

World Shut Your Mouth 
 1. Bandy's First Jump  (2:52)
 2. Metranil Vavin  (3:02)
 3. Strasbourg  (2:27)
 4. An Elegant Chaos  (4:07)
 5. Quizmaster  (3:00)
 6. Kolly Kibber's Birthday  (5:20)
 7. Sunshine Playroom  (3:03)
 8. Head Hang Low  (5:06)
 9. Pussyface  (4:15)
10. Greatness and Perfection  (3:32)
11. Lunatic and Fire-Pistol  (4:34)
12. Wreck My Car  (2:29)
13. High Class Butcher  (3:58)
14. Eat the Poor  (4:40)


  1. Thanks I didn't have this one. Hard to believe.

  2. Fan-effing-tastic! This CD has become incredibly hard to get ahold of, so many thanks for this!!

  3. scurfie & anon., my pleasure; it's hard to believe such a great album isn't more readily available

  4. Fantastic! If u post 'Fried' in flac it would be like xmas and a birthday...

  5. sradams777, I'll do my best to get "Fried" up in the near future

  6. saint julian in flac would be a treat...thanx
    for wsym voixautre

  7. gazbosue, I'll get that one up in the near future. "Fried" will be up in the coming days. I'm also planning to post some TDE in the coming days

  8. Yeah, Saint Julian would be a treat. Thanks for your amazing blog!

  9. a mad genius who doesn't like music blogs like luna

  10. thanks for share it. fantastic blog!

    i salute you from argentina

  11. nico, wonderful to hear from you. I'm glad you like the blog. I hope to hear from you again :)


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