Monday, February 14, 2011

Esben and the Witch- 33 EP (2010) MP3 & FLAC

If anything, Esben and the Witch's self-released debut EP, 33, is even darker than Violet Cries. Two of the EP's tracks, "Eumenides" and "Marching Song," were rerecorded for the album, and while the album versions certainly sound more epic and polished, the EP versions have a claustrophobic feel to them that serves the gothic-inspired ambiance quite well. However, what really makes this EP worth a listen is the final track, "Corridors," which is a glitchy, nightmarish tour de force.

33 EP
1. ( Abstract)  (0:40)
2. Eumenides  (5:43)
3. Marching Song  (4:42)
4. About This Peninsula  (4:43)
5. Corridors  (9:01)


  1. The moon is full tonight.

  2. indeed it is! Hopefully I can make it even more full before the night is out

  3. Thanks for that, excellent stuff, any chance of the 'Marching Song' EP or the hard to get hold of remixes from Mogwai and friends?

  4. Machig, I'll look around for those; thanks for letting me know about them!


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