Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bob Marley & The Wailers- Soul Rebels (1970) MP3 & FLAC

"I'm a capturer, that's what they say, soul adventurer, night and day."

Soul Rebels, The Wailers' first long player, often gets lost in the shadow of all the iconic albums that followed it; however, if you haven't heard Bob Marley's early collaborative efforts with producer Lee "Scratch" Perry, then you are in an awakening. Darker and more rough-hewn than later Wailers' albums, Soul Rebels catches band and producer at a formative juncture in the development of Reggae as a distinct genre because these were among the first recordings to carry this music beyond the shores of Jamaica. Massively underrated, but no less essential than the later albums.

Soul Rebels (2002 Trojan Remastered Edition)
 1. Soul Rebel  (3:20)
 2. Try Me  (2:47)
 3. It's Alright  (2:36)
 4. No Sympathy  (2:16)
 5. My Cup  (3:36)
 6. Soul Almighty  (2:42)
 7. Rebel's Hop  (2:40)
 8. Corner Stone  (2:30)
 9. Four Hundred Years  (2:34)
10. No Water  (2:10)
11. Reaction  (2:43)
12. My Sympathy  (2:43)
-Bonus Tracks-
13. Dreamland  (2:45)
14. Dreamland (Upsetters' Version)  (2:37)
15. Dracula (The Upsetters)  (2:56)
16. Soul Rebel (Version 4, The Upsetters)  (2:55)
17. Version of Cup (The Upsetters)  (3:14)
18. Zig Zag (The Upsetters)  (3:24)
19. Jah Is Mighty  (2:27)
20. Brand New Second Hand  (3:12)
21. Brand New Second Hand (The Upsetters)  (3:06)
22. Downpresser  (3:15)



  1. Eye like Peter Tosh da best. The stepping razor.

  2. I see a Wailers-related series in da future

  3. W00T traded a homie some supplies for a Technics turntable in good condition! Also got all the cables needed to plug it into soundcard!It is not the kind that hip hoppers use but oh well. Tosh was one of the Wailers. Three O' Clock Roadblock, No More Trouble, Sun is Shining, Burnin' and Lootin' all kinds of classics by the Wailers and Robert Nesta Marley.

  4. here's a link to "Dead 60s" in FLAC:

  5. Awww yeaa! Take that evil record company. That Captain Crawler page is cool, found some long out of print Rap-A-Lot records release from 20 years ago using it. Ebay has the album for 8$ might have to place a bid. It even has the hole punch in the upc for cutout hehe. Thanky for Dead 60s it some cool Brit ska, punk, dub, reggae hybrid from Liverpool. Thanks again for musiks.

  6. Good post. Thanks for this voixautre!

  7. your welcome scurfie; we'll have to post a lot more Wailers in the future

  8. Thanks very much.

  9. gracias muchisimas por compartir tanto!


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