Wednesday, February 16, 2011

John Grant- Queen of Denmark (2010) Limited Edition (Bonus Disc) MP3 & FLAC -For Douxee-

"You are where dreams go to die, and I regret the day your lovely carcass caught my eye."

John Grant, the figurehead of the criminally underrated (and now defunct) Denver band The Czars, has a big voice and a penchant for dour nostalgia painted in noirish hues (he could be the roving troubadour of Twin Peaks). On his first post-Czars solo album, Grant is joined by morose Texas soft-psychers Midlake, and while they prove to be a capable backdrop for Grant's breathtaking vocals, lending Queen of Denmark a noticeably warmer and more eclectic sound than what was typical of Grant's former band, they lack the disconcertingly dark and sumptuous Indie-lounge accents that made The Czars so distinctive.  This turns out to be both a blessing and a curse, for while Grant's voice is pushed into some new and interesting contexts, he seems to have traded some of his black licorice for cotton-candy (though definitely poison-laced). Nevertheless, Czars fans will find a lot to love on Queen of Denmark, and those unfamiliar with this band and Grant's voice now have a revelation sitting on their doorstep. Knock-knock.

Queen of Denmark
 1. TC and Honeybear  (5:06)
 2. Marz  (3:58)
 3. Where Dreams Go to Die  (6:04)
 4. Sigourney Weaver  (3:31)
 5. Chicken Bones  (3:38)
 6. Silver Platter Club  (4:10)
 7. It's Easier  (4:38)
 8. Outer Space  (3:14)
 9. Jesus Hates Faggots  (3:47)
10. Caramel  (3:35)
11. Leopard and Lamb  (4:41)
12. Queen of Denmark  (4:48)

Queen of Denmark: Bonus Disc
1. That's the Good News  (4:12)
2. Supernatural Defibrillator  (2:52)
3. Fireflies  (3:40)
4. What Time  (7:55)


  1. muuuuuuuchas gracias !
    buenos dias ombre =)

  2. I knew you'd like this one. More Czars coming soon

  3. Do you have any Morrissey and The Smiths? It is great for to piss off the grimm *troo* and kvlt metal scene police. I tell them lighten up. Hatful of Hollow, Strangeways Here We Come, the first Morrissey solo Viva Hate, albums like that.

  4. Francis, they are one of my favorites. I'll post something soon.

  5. Los primeros dos temas del bonus disc "chirrian" un poco al lado del resto del álbum, no?

  6. Muchísimas gracias por el comentario. Sí, yo tambien pensé los mismo. Que bueno que esos no estaban en el álbum final.

  7. ablas espagnol ?
    claro que si ! =)

  8. douxee, my wife is my Spanish translator

  9. Thanks for posting this one.

  10. Please, re-up...

  11. Please, Please re-upload this...

    Por favor, por favor, vuelve a subir este disco...

  12. Saludos from Perú, please, re-up...

  13. 02/04/2013 new music from John Grant


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