Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scott Walker Series, #6: The Walker Brothers- Portrait (1966) MP3 & FLAC

"I don't look for her, I find her in the shadow of my mind. For she's just a girl whose memory will be wiped away with time."

As with all Walker Brothers albums, Portrait, the band's second and most commercially successful long-player, is a mix of jaw-dropping brilliance and WTF moments; however, unlike their other two sixties albums, Take It Easy with the Walker Brothers and  Images, Portrait seems more of a piece because it is consistently dark. Songs such as "In My Room" and "No Sad Songs for Me," both with Scott Walker taking the vocal lead, represent some of their best and most desolate work, and even some of the covers, such as "Hurting Each Other" and "Summertime," hit their mark. Nevertheless, what really makes this an essential listen are the bonus tracks included with this edition, among which are several transcendent moments, such as "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" and "After the Lights Go Out." For those with ears to hear, one of the best albums of the sixties can be found scattered somewhere in these 24 tracks.

Portrait (1998 Remastered Edition)
 1. In My Room  (2:35)
 2. Saturday's Child  (2:08)
 3. Just for a Thrill  (3:36)
 4. Hurting Each Other  (2:47)
 5. Old Folks  (3:14)
 6. Summertime  (4:32)
 7. People Get Ready  (2:40)
 8. I Can See It Now  (3:01)
 9. Where's the Girl  (3:14)
10. Living Above Your Head  (2:44)
11. Take It Like a Man  (2:31)
12. No Sad Songs for Me  (3:42)
-Bonus Tracks-
13. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore  (3:17)
14. After the Lights Go Out  (4:02)
15. (Baby) You Don't Have to Tell Me  (2:29)
16. My Love Is Growing  (2:23)
17. Another Tear Falls  (2:28)
18. Saddest Night in the World  (2:14)
19. Deadlier Than the Male  (2:32)
20. Archangel  (3:45)
21. Sunny  (3:50)
22. Come Rain or Come Shine  (3:22)
23. The Gentle Rain  (2:45)
24. Mrs. Murphy  (3:21)


  1. Diggin' those groovy haircuts. Just found some scary Italian doom metal! So defiant and depressing you can't help but be cheered up.

  2. the dude on the bottom right was named constantine bieberovich walker

  3. Almost downloaded some Lady CaCa and Justin Bibber one day but quickly perished the thought. I'll stick with music from a non pro tools, vocoder, hype ad campaign era where the people took time to learn how to play and had real talent.

  4. Festus, I should warn you, if you are caught downloading Justy Beaver or Ldy CaCa, I will have to send you underground into the moon's core, which is populated by lizard people with long split, flicking tongues who will force you to take music "re-calibration" classes. ;)

  5. Thank you so much for the Scott Walker posts. I know the first four solo's and the last two recent albums but had never explored the 70s and Walker Brothers material.

  6. Catcher, I have a lot more Walker to share. I've decided to make the series 15 posts, and it will include FLAC rips of "Nite Flights" and "Pola X," which are very hard to find in lossless. Could you please hit the "follow" button if you haven't already done so? thanks!

  7. Some great music on this CD. Thank you voixautre!

  8. scurfie, this is my favorite early Walker Bros

  9. Voixautre, thanks for letting me know about the future Scott Walker posts. I've been wanting to hear Nite Flights since watching the 30 Century Man documentary. I recall watching Pola X too. Thanks also for the Loudon Wainwright - I'm a big fan of Album 3. I've hit the follow button.

  10. Thanks Catcher! "Nite Flights" and "Pola X" are impossible to find in lossless, but I will soon change that!


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