Friday, February 4, 2011

Tarnation- Mirador (1997) MP3 & FLAC

"What secrets lie behind an awful shade of blue?"

Yes, some of the dusty haze of Gentle Creatures has been lost to Mirador's more polished production; however, this only serves to bring Paula Frazer's breathtaking vocals into clearer focus, which, coupled with a more pronounced Country (as in Carter Family) influence in the songwriting, brings new vistas of dark desolation to Tarnation's sound. While the songwriting on Mirador is consistently excellent, special mention must be made of the cover of The Nightcrawlers' classic, "Little Black Egg." Great music for driving a barren desert at night.

Mirador (1997 European 4AD Edition)
 1. An Awful Shade of Blue  (2:54)
 2. Wait  (3:26)
 3. A Place Where I Know  (3:43)
 4. Is She Lonesome Now  (1:58)
 5. Your Thoughts and Mine  (3:59)
 6. Christine  (5:43)
 7. Destiny  (3:51)
 8. There's Someone  (2:38)
 9. Like a Ghost  (5:06)
10. Idly  (3:47)
11. Little Black Egg  (3:03)
12. You'll Understand  (2:49)
-Bonus Track-
13. The Well Sequel/Sailor's Lament  (7:38)


  1. I've already got this album but with a different front cover (a house in fire). After verification, these 2 editions are exactly the same.
    I've also found this morning another edition of "Gentle Creatures" with bonus tracks here :
    And by the way, I've made a mistake in my first comment : it's Mirador my favorite of the two. Because of this kind of "western atmosphere", the guitar sounds and of course the voice of Paula Frazer.
    Thanks for all !


  2. Hi Chris, the burning house "Mirador" cover is for the US domestic release on Reprise. I have the "Gentle creatures" bonus tracks in AAC/224, interested?

  3. Yes, of course, please !
    I would love to listen to these bonus tracks in any format you have.


  4. Chris, I'm working on finding the CD w/ bonus tracks. If I do, I'll post them in FLAC. However, in the mean time, I'll add a link in these comments soon for the 1999 re-release of "Tarnation" w/bonus tracks in AAC. Also, could you hit the "follow" button and become a follower of the blog? thanks!

  5. ‘Bee and Flower’ are definitely worth checking out. I thought Dana Schechter was somehow related to Tarnation, but I did a bit of research and discovered that I must be mistaken.
    Anyway, I feel it is relevant, I think you’ll like them. She was part of Gira’s touring band for Angels of Light, along with Shearwater’s Thor Harris, and Larry“Toby Dammit”Mullins, back around 2001ish. B&F’S first album, “What’s Mine Is Yours” was released on Neurosis’ Neurot Records back in 2003. It is a beautiful, haunting western tinged album. Kind of like slightly speeding up Earth‘s, ‘Hex; Or Printing In The Infernal Method’ and adding some dark and lovely female vocals.

  6. Jeff, very interesting; I will search this out, thanks!


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