Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Specials- S/T (1979) MP3 & FLAC

"What you gonna do when the morons come for you? They won't go away; they want the whole world painted grey."

Unquestionably the defining statement of the late 70s British Ska revival, The Specials' debut album, with its satirically bitter tales of urban decay and racial violence, is no less relevant today than it was in 1979. While the album contains a number of impressive "reworkings" of songs originating from the "first wave" Jamaican Ska, it is to the band's credit that their original compositions stand toe-to-toe with (and occasionally best) these classics. While most Ska bands of the time engaged political issues on some level (although often very obliquely), The Specials were political through and through, explicitly dealing with topics such as class hatred, racism, and economic hopelessness; despite this, they never sound overly didactic and the music is never anything less than danceable. A great marriage of art and politics, and an absolute classic in every sense of the word.

The Specials (2002 Remastered Edition)
 1. A Message to You, Rudy  (2:53)
 2. Do the Dog  (2:09)
 3. It's Up to You  (3:25)
 4. Nite Klub  (3:22)
 5. Doesn't Make It Alright  (3:26)
 6. Concrete Jungle  (3:18)
 7. Too Hot  (3:09)
 8. Monkey Man  (2:45)
 9. (Dawning of a) New Era  (2:24)
10. Blank Expression  (2:43)
11. Stupid Marriage  (3:49)
12. Too Much Too Young  (2:16)
13. Little Bitch  (2:31)
14. You're Wondering Now  (2:36)


  1. I have this on vinyl. Highly recommended. I got turned on to this band by a local bar band. I agree with your review this is very very danceable and timeless.

  2. It would rock to find The Dead 60s self-titled. It is one of those rip proof cd's. I got it to copy with exact audio copy but it was before the flac freakout that is going now. Encoded it to vbr with lame encoder. Mpeg layer three is cool for saving space but lossless is the best.

  3. That Dead 60s disc I had borrowed from a homie who has moved away. Guess could buy it, if I can find it. It took years to find Electric Wizard and had to buy most of those online.

  4. Hi Tucker, I'll see if I can find that one for you in FLAC. If I do, I'll post a link in these comments

  5. Tucker, here's a link to Dead 60s in FLAC: http://lix.in/-8f6a91

  6. The password still exists on the 320kbps file.


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