Sunday, February 13, 2011

Esben and the Witch- Violet Cries (2011) MP3 & FLAC

"Arms and legs, teeth and nail, our fragile companions are destined to fail."

While there is little doubt that Esben and the Witch (named after a Danish fairytale) have spent many hours listening to Siouxsie Sioux and the eighties-era 4AD canon, this takes nothing away from the majestic gloom of Violet Cries. As with Zola Jesus, Esben and the Witch are situated at the forefront of what appears to be a resurgence of eighties-style Goth-Rock, and on their debut long-player, they prove to be quite adept at interpreting and re-imagining what made the early Goth movement so compelling: mood and ambiance. While lead vocalist Rachel Davies is deservedly the focal point with her stunning dark-lit voice, it is the instrumentation and spaciousness of the songs that really sets Violet Cries apart. A promising debut indeed.

Violet Cries
 1. Argyria  (5:46)
 2. Marching Song  (3:54)
 3. Marine Fields Glow  (2:59)
 4. Light Streams  (5:24)
 5. Hexagons IV  (4:45)
 6. Chorea  (4:25)
 7. Warpath  (4:29)
 8. Battlecry/Mimicry  (1:21)
 9. Eumenides  (6:13)
10. Swans  (4:36)


  1. Ah hah! l33tsp34k detected. Eye better grab this one. Some bands must have bots or fanboys on the search of interweb tubes to pull the plug on any sharing of good musiks. How bleak.

  2. mollusk, my attempts to "encrypt" the post titles are precautionary. Anything newly released or from a major label is more likely to generate a DMCA complaint, so for the survival of the blog, I have no choice. The only links I've had to remove so far were Four Tet & The Big Pink

  3. Some stuff got pulled off a well known flac blog. Hmm...eye should try numbers and stuff when using captain crawl! I thought record industry maggots were after mpeg layer threes not flac. My bud is like man you download too much well the stuff could get pulled anytime or blog admin close up shop.

  4. ;) @voixautre
    i've start first to use numbers among the name, is not fantastic, but is the only way to keep a long time an album/post...
    many of my posts, time ago, are survive few minutes!
    anyway thanks for this album, i don't know esben & the witch but reading your info seems to be interesting!

  5. JFK, I got the idea for using numbers in the post title from your blog. Anything new, I tend to do this; so thanks, it was a good idea. Let me know what you think of Esben and the Witch. I was also wondering if I could post occasionally on We Like It Lossless! I can help with many of the requests on your request list, cheers, voixautre

  6. good morning voixautre!
    this album is really nice, even if this is not my favourite style (possibly less rock/more psychedelic etc..)
    it should be nice have you in WLIL!, you have to ask to thestarry, using his email (if you have it) or asking in the shoutbox...
    actually i'm alone on wlil!

  7. JFK, glad you liked it. I don't have thestarry's email, so I'll mention posting on WLIL! in the shoutbox sometime. Love your posts on that blog by the way


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