Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cocteau Twins- Victorialand (1986) MP3 & FLAC

Because bassist Simon Raymonde was busy at the time fulfilling his 4AD "house band" duties on the second This Mortal Coil album, Filigree & Shadow, the Cocteau Twins' fourth album, Victorialand, features, as strange as it is to say, a more "stripped-down" sound in comparison to their earlier work. This doesn't mean that the songs have lost any of their trademark reverb-drenched ethereal quality, but there is a bright spaciousness to Victorialand that makes it sound, if anything, more intimate. Employing very little percussion and without Raymonde's bass, Robin Guthrie's spidery arpeggios and Elizabeth Fraser's vocal peregrinations are even more evocative and engulfing, and the more pronounced use of acoustic guitar gives the album a brittle warmth in places that is unprecedented in their earlier work. There is, perhaps, no better point of entry to the Cocteau Twins' unique sound than Victorialand.

Victorialand (2003 Remastered Edition)
1. Lazy Calm  (6:34)
2. Fluffy Tufts  (3:05)
3. Throughout the Dark Months of April and May  (3:04)
4. Whales Tails  (3:17)
5. Oomingmak  (2:41)
6. Little Spacey  (3:26)
7. Feet-Like Fins  (3:25)
8. How to Bring a Blush to the Snow  (3:46)
9. The Thinner the Air  (3:17)


  1. sloth the happy mutantFebruary 13, 2011 at 5:51 AM

    Do you have The Glove-Blue Sunshine? It is Britpop "supergroup" with Robert Smith and Steven Severin. Had the disc but sold it in the not-so-great cd purge of 2009, hadn't got into flacs at that time or it would be in lossless on hdd.

  2. sloth, yes, I have "Blue Sunshine" in a remastered deluxe edition. I'll put this on the request list- it will be up within the week

  3. pink moon-750 leaves leftFebruary 13, 2011 at 11:31 PM

    Yay! It is like a golden age of flac! You have the Brit stuff covered, don't know how an island nation could put out so much incredible music. One Brit said it was due to misery, bwahaha! Here is a neat blog link for you to enjoy:

  4. pink moon, I've wondered the same thing myself about the UK. Thanks for the blog link! p.s. Cure coming next

  5. Having trouble getting some stuff to work at the bordeldo :( Dunno wtf but crapidshare won't work at all anymore on a couple different machines. Got a bag of cd's together to take to the mom & pop record store on Monday for trading. Not sure how they stay in business there is never anyone in there but I am glad to spend my money there and trade.

  6. I fking hate crapidshare! Seems like almost all the links are dead or impossible to DL as a free user

  7. Hey thanks for this one voixautre!

  8. Issi & scurfie, you're both welcome. scurfie, where have you been? I was worried that you had been banished from cyberspace!

  9. Thanks voixautre, just one question: Is this the remastered edition or the original release from the 80s? I read somewhere to avoid remasters as they sound like crap.

  10. I indicate the edition just above the tracklist. This one is the remaster. I've listened to both versions and I don't hear anything wrong with the remasters, but that's just my opinion

  11. Ooops, sorry. I didn't noticed. =(


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