Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Jesus and Mary Chain- Psychocandy (1985) MP3 & FLAC -For oh hi there-

"It's so hard not to feel ashamed of the loving living games we play each day."

Most critics tend to describe Psychocandy as something of a mash-up of Beach Boys-style harmonies and Velvet Underground-inspired dissonance, and while these are unquestionably major elements helping to sculpt its overall sound, such descriptions tend to overlook just how singular this landmark album actually is. At the time of its release, Psychocandy was notorious for its piercing squalls of feedback, but looming just beneath this Noise-Rock veneer are some of the most achingly beautiful songs you're likely to hear. For example, on "Just Like Honey," the Reid brothers' naively laconic vocal harmonies coupled with the reverb-soaked production create an unlikely, and somehow perfect, marriage of Motown and Pych-Rock. To call Psychocandy "influential" does it no justice at all; the truth is, much of what followed in its wake, including everything from Shoegaze to Lo-Fi, owes a deep debt of gratitude to this album. If you've never heard Pscychocandy, I'm supremely envious; I would give anything to hear this album for the first time again.

Psychocandy (2006 Remastered Edition)
 1. Just Like Honey  (3:01)
 2. The Living End  (2:15)
 3. Taste the Floor  (2:57)
 4. The Hardest Walk  (2:59)
 5. Cut Dead  (2:45)
 6. In a Hole  (3:02)
 7. Taste of Cindy  (1:42)
 8. Never Understand  (2:58)
 9. Inside Me  (3:09)
10. Sowing Seeds  (2:50)
11. My Little Underground  (2:31)
12. You Trip Me Up  (2:26)
13. Something's Wrong  (4:02)
14. It's So Hard  (2:38)


  1. Thanks so much!

    Just letting you know, I'm pretty keen for any new discoveries in the Talk Talk series you seem to have planned.

  2. oh hi there, my pleasure. "Darklands" will be up tomorrow. The Talk Talk series should be great. It will include all their recordings, several live albums and some related stuff such as Hollis' solo album. I can't wait. Their story is quite amazing. I may start it toward the end of the Walker series.

  3. A masterpiece. I remember the first time I listened to this album and I was absolutely shocked! Thanks for posting the records of Jesus & Mary Chain, but you could improve the covers, for example...

  4. Hi, not sure what you mean by "improve the covers." These scans were the best I could find at the time of the post


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