Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Czars- The La Brea Tarpits of Routine (1997) MP3 -For Douxee-

"I'll go back to find what I lost. I still see you, but the eyes are darker now."

Hampered in places by the over-zealous production of 16 Horsepower's Bob Ferbrache, and more or less disowned by the band in the years following its release, The La Brea Tarpits of Routine, The Czars' first studio release, is best described as a stunningly beautiful, but deeply flawed piece of work. The flaws stem from John Grant's often unfocused lyrics (though his achingly dark vocals do a great job of hiding this) and the production, which robs The Czars' sound of its trademark tension by sounding overly polished and fussed over. Nevertheless, this is an album deserving of a reappraisal, although given its scarcity (it was self-released and has never been re-issued), this is unlikely anytime soon. Tracks such as "O" and "The Eyes Are Darker Now" sound almost like a heavier version of Tarnation fronted by a male version of Paula Frazer. If you are partial to The Czars later work, there will be much to love on this rarity.

The La Brea Tarpits of Routine
 1. Introduction  (0:38)
 2. The Dark Sky  (5:50)
 3. Cold  (7:28)
 4. Sweet  (6:02)
 5. O  (4:10)
 6. The Eyes Are Darker Now  (4:59)
 7. Matilda's Song  (1:19)
 8. Predicament  (5:24)
 9. Waste  (6:12)
10. Tarpit  (0:34)
11. Half the Time  (8:32)
12. Let My People Go  (3:52)
13. O (Edit)  (3:36)
14. Russian Folk Song  (1:58)

Loved going to this place when I was a kid


  1. No smart comments I promise. Thanks for posting this and for all the stuff you post, you are like a Flac God! lol

  2. Hi Scurfie, this is extremely scarce and no where to be found in FLAC. I'd love it if someone, maybe a reader, could send us some FLACs for this. I can dream can't I? Smiths up next...

  3. Thanks a ton for The Czars albums and I'm really looking forward to your future b-sides post!

  4. anon. no problem; I'll get those other Czars items up in the coming weeks

  5. Could you please re-upload this one, very hard to find this one(unless you paid a 100$). Thanks! A desperate Czars fan?


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