Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scott Walker Series, #1: The Walker Brothers- Images (1967) MP3 & FLAC

"You had a loveless week, and the world's let you down. But I'll make it up somehow, there are ways Mrs. Brown."

Images would turn out to be The Walker Brothers' final album of the 1960s and bears the unmistakable marks of a band in the process of fragmentation. While John and Scott Walker both contribute some memorable material here, they rarely occupy the same space on the album, instead sounding more preoccupied with their impending solo careers than with anything else. While Scott offers up a glimpse of the greatness to come with songs such as "Orpheus" and "Genevieve," John's mournful "I Can't Let It Happen to You" is probably his finest moment on record. Despite the many high points, you can't have a Walker Brothers album without a generous dose of filler, and Images certainly has its filler. For example, the ill-advised cover of  "Blueberry Hill" is simply cringe-inducing. While not their best album, Images contains some of their most mature, forward-looking work, making it well worth putting up with the clunkers.

Images (1998 Japanese Remastered Edition)
 1. Everything Under the Sun  (4:24)
 2. Once Upon a Summertime  (3:53)
 3. Experience  (2:56)
 4. Blueberry Hill  (3:29)
 5. Orpheus  (3:27)
 6. Stand By Me  (3:59)
 7. I Wanna Know  (2:29)
 8. I Will Wait for You (Theme from Les Parapluies de Cherbourg)  (3:42)
 9. It Makes No Difference Now  (2:41)
10. I Can't Let It Happen to You  (3:15)
11. Genevieve  (2:52)
12. Just Say Goodbye  (3:40)
-Bonus Tracks-
13. Stay with Me Baby  (3:22)
14. Turn Out the Moon  (3:34)
15. Walking in the Rain  (3:53)
16. Baby Make It the Last Time  (3:07)


  1. I'm downloading this right now. I look forward to giving this a listen.

  2. Had them mixed up with the Chambers Brothers of time has come today fame for some reason.

  3. scurfie, it has some absolute gems, but I wish they had been a little more judicious about cover songs; some of them make no sense given the sound and approach of this band. Check out the Scott-penned "Experience." Very bizarre indeed!

  4. choo choo, I can see how that would happen; however the Walker Bros had a resident genius

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