Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bauhaus- The Sky's Gone Out (1982) MP3 & FLAC

"Swing the Heartache just for her sake."

Often said to pale in comparison to In the Flat Field and Mask, Bauhaus' third studio LP, The Sky's Gone Out, finds the band attempting to move beyond the glam-meets-dub of their earlier proto-Goth work by exploring a more sonically textured approach. Thus, The Sky's Gone Out is very much a transitional album, and a vastly underrated one at that. The lead track, a cover of Brian Eno's "Third Uncle," crackles with glam aggression, and while it doesn't quite best the original, it is certainly one of Bauhaus' finest moments on record. Conversely, "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything" is almost folky with its simple acoustic guitar part and Peter Murphy's defeated vocals, while David J's fretless bass provides the song's pensive melody. While not the most cohesive album in Bauhaus' discography, The Sky's Gone Out is the most ambitious, containing some of the band's most textured and dynamic songs.

The Sky's Gone Out (1988 Re-issue Edition)
 1. Third Uncle  (5:17)
 2. Silent Hedges  (3:11)
 3. In the Night  (3:07)
 4. Swing the Heartache  (5:52)
 5. Spirit  (5:29)
 6. The Three Shadows, Pt. I  (4:23)
 7. The Three Shadows, Pt. II  (3:10)
 8. The Three Shadows, Pt. III  (1:36)
 9. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything  (3:51)
10. Exquisite Corpse  (5:39)
11. Ziggy Stardust  (3:13)
12. Party of the First Part  (5:26)
13. Spirit (Single Version)  (3:45)
14. Watch That Grandad Go  (5:40)


  1. Dunno why this album gets a bad wrap. I like it much more than Burning From the Inside. Think they were Tones On Tailing by the time of B.F.T.I. Another fine selection from the lunar archive. Thanks you.

  2. jojo, I agree, but then I'm biased because this was my first Bauhaus album. "Silent Hedges" is an amazing song too.

  3. I had this on cassette back in the eighties backed with an amazing free live album called Press the Eject and Give Me The Tape. Thanks for putting this up - looking forward to hearing it again.

  4. Harold, you're welcome. I have "Press the Eject..." as well. Perhaps I will post it at some point.

  5. For my part, each Bauhaus album is a blessin'... A too short but perfect career. Many thanks for this post.

  6. dolen972, my pleasure. I'll post the others in the coming months. What did you think of the more recent album?

  7. This always sounded to me like their sell-out album, but they remain artsier than most bands could wish to be. It might be my favourite by them.


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