Monday, March 7, 2011

The Boys Next Door- "Shivers" (1979) Live

Amazing song by an amazing musician: Rowland S. Howard (R.I.P.). Oh, and a young Nick Cave singing it doesn't hurt either :)


  1. Indeed, r.i.p. Roland. † HIs final album is great James, in case you haven't heard it, it's strong on all fronts. The lyrics are urgent (Hoawrd dying of cancer at the time) and are very direct and dry, in stark contrast to the metaphors and heavy symbolism in Cave's work (Howard's associate). The music chilly and angular, but at the same time not totally alienating. I think it would make a great future post on the site, because the songwriting definitely deserves more exposure.

  2. David, yes, I'm going to post it very soon, along with a lot of his other work. Cave's too


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