Monday, March 21, 2011

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry- Talk About the Weather (1985) MP3 & FLAC

"They have made a new invention to smash the roots of our intention."

Purveyors of a sound sitting somewhere between the raw, naked emotionality of Joy Division and the darker inclinations of Gothic bands such as Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, also affectionately known as "The Lorries," were never an easy band to categorize. And nowhere is their distinctive contribution to Post-Punk better represented than on their debut long-player, Talk About the Weather. Opening with the muted grind of the title track, lead vocalist Chris Reed sounds like an industrial Nick Cave as he adds just enough vitriol to make the lyrics memorable. In comparison, "Hollow Eyes" is almost poppy with its hooky chorus and hand claps, but Reed's thematically dark lyrics and dramatic vocals turn the song on its head to great effect. While The Lorries would go on to produce many equally fine songs in the years to follow, they would never again release album as consistently brilliant as their singular debut.

Talk About the Weather (2005 Remastered Edition)
 1. Talk About the Weather  (4:04)
 2. Hand on Heart  (3:46)
 3. Feel a Piece  (2:40)
 4. Hollow Eyes  (3:37)
 5. This Today  (3:20)
 6. Sometimes  (3:01)
 7. Strange Dream  (3:13)
 8. Happy (3:32)
-Bonus Tracks-
 9. Beating My Head  (3:21)
10. I'm Still Waiting  (3:01)
11. Take It All  (2:54)
12. Happy (Single Version)  (3:31)
13. He's Read  (2:57)
14. See the Fire  (2:31)
15. Monkeys on Juice  (3:11)
16. Push  (3:01)
17. Silence  (2:28)
18. Hollow Eyes (12' Version)  (3:42)
19. Russia  (3:11)


  1. Good goth from the golden era of...well, goth.

  2. Vow! What a post! Reed's vocal is in top-three gothic vocals of all time,im my opinion.Of course Ian Curtis is no.1. You've described this band just enough accurate to make newcomers to this genre of music want to listen to. Highly recommended. Also 'Paint your wagon' could be good post for the future...
    Thanx for good music!!

  3. leakingwater, one of the best goth bands of that time, though they are more than just goth. It's amazing how little mention this band gets compared to other far less deserving bands

  4. iggy1, I agree; I love Reed's work on this album. I'll post "Paint Your Wagon" at some point.

  5. That is one you don't see in lossless. Eye am listen right now and lovin' it. This lunar lunacy has me lovin the lossless. I can't sleep during full moon. I'll put this on and chill. Thanka U.

  6. my pleasure JoJo; I was enjoying this one last night

  7. Hah! What a luck.
    Didn't listen to this since i've lost my record almost 20 years ago.

    Big thanks! :-)

  8. BOR3AS, and a big you're welcome! ;)

  9. This is great! Not only does it have that great gothic/post-punk blend, but it has a real driving energy to it that reminds me of some of the better Joy Division live bootlegs. I'll bet these guys were a formidable live act themselves.

  10. wolfspider, I never saw them, but they were supposed to be relentless live

  11. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Wolfgang Press & Nick Cave/Birthday Party made such a great impact on me as a mucisian and a fan that still to this date I believe they are the most relevant bands of that era. But Red Lorry was my personal fave, those guitars! they always seemed to have limitless possibilities, every song was always driven by such an intense and forceful bassline. And on top of that Chris Reed voice. A shame that most critics cites them as mere goth artifacts. I have most of their stuff already but not this remastered version. Thanks for the flac and for the love and dedication you give to your blog, very much appreciated. Gracias & saludos.

  12. El Isabelino, I too think it's strange how Red Lorry Yellow Lorry gets categorized as just another mid-eighties Gothic band. I don't even think the term "Gothic" does them any justice. There is very little of the dramatic posturing that was Goth's trademark. This makes their sound quite original. This remaster isn't ideal, but it'll do I guess. Hopefully, at some point The Lorries will be given the kind of re-issue they deserve. Thanks also for the compliments on the blog. I have some great things in store for all of us.

  13. I agree. I've never really considered them to be a goth band, not sure why that dubious moniker was attached to them. Especially considering the albatross that that label has become, at least to me anyway. Too many stinkers ruining the once good, or I guess I should say better, name of goth.


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