Thursday, March 17, 2011

(La) luna now has a sister (or Scruffy Little Brother)!

Hello dear reader(s),

Today is the three month anniversary of (La) luna!  Thank you to all for making this such a great blog and such a gratifying experience. I'm truly looking forward to the next three months, which will include series on Talk Talk (coming very soon) and The Church. My commitment to the blog is as strong as ever, so get those hard-drives ready for more great music! ;)

I have decided to create a sister blog to (La) luna, which I envision more in the spirit of We Like It Lossless!  (where I still plan to post occasionally). The new blog, Plastic Palace People, will be more eclectic than (La) luna and will not feature the original reviews (at least I will not be writing them for my posts). This allows me to share a lot more music while I continue our very special and unique project here at (La) luna. I will also use the new blog to fill requests (which I love doing by the way). In addition, the new blog will feature a consortium of great posters with wide-ranging tastes. So after basking here in the moonlight for awhile, check out the sister blog for some more lossless wonders!

Just a reminder to hit  (La) luna's "follow' button if you haven't already done so, and do the same at Plastic Palace People. We greatly appreciate your support!

If you are interested in become a Plastic Palace People poster, leave a comment here or send an email to:


  1. It looks like leggo gummies!? nom nom nom.

  2. Sorry officailly stuck in the obscure 80s so Talk Talk rings clear. Didn't get to see them back in DC but certainly like most of their songs. Thanks for your good taste

  3. H-Man, you're welcome. The Talk Talk series will feature several surprises. I'm looking forward to it


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