Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clan of Xymox - Medusa (1986) MP3 & FLAC -For Mace Hane-

"A life blue on gloomy waves, I feel I am diving deeper into the darkest caves."

Arguably one of the finest albums released by 4AD during its mid-eighties heyday, Medusa by Clan of Xymox, is a masterfully constructed mix of wistful melancholia and orchestral Goth-Rock that is both darkly atmospheric and intermittently danceable. From the opening instrumental, "Theme I," it is clear that Clan of Xymox is striking out into new sonic territory. The song begins familiarly enough with a minor key arpeggio backed by gloomy keyboard washes, something straight out of the Dead Can Dance tool chest, but things take an uncharted turn at the midway point when a Greek flute is introduced into the mix. This effectively sets the tone for the rest of the album, which moves from beautiful pop songs such as the title track to proto-Trance numbers such as "Michelle." While many tout the band's next album, Twist of Shadows, as a more fully conceived project, Medusa claims the distinction of being Clan of Xymox's greatest creative achievement.

Medusa (1999 Remastered Edition)
 1. Theme I  (2:54)
 2. Medusa  (5:53)
 3. Michelle  (2:59)
 4. Theme II  (1:43)
 5. Louise  (5:17)
 6. Lorrentine  (3:33)
 7. Agonized by Love  (5:18)
 8. Masquerade  (3:54)
 9. After the Call  (5:55)
10. Back Door  (4:52)
-Bonus Tracks-
11. Blind Hearts  (4:19)
12. A Million Things  (4:37)
13. Scum (Dance Mix)  (7:12)


  1. Another hidden diamond of eighties!!! Can I ask you to upload first album too, of course remastered, if you have. Thnx in advance!

  2. Yes, a remastered first album would be really fantastic and would compliment your Michael Brook & Pieter Nooten post nicely as the album contains an Equal Ways cover.

  3. iggy1 & marioscafe, I would love to post the remastered edition of the first album, but I can't find it at the moment; when I do, I'll post it

  4. Really rather special.
    Not many comments; never mind.
    This is a genuine 'lost' treasure, as Clan of Xymox are certainly not revered(nor even mentioned in passing)as are so many of the bands that you have presented for us here.
    I've said more than enough about this beautiful album, but I just wonder how many negative assumptions are made when folks see the photo of the band above?
    I'm not one for making assumptions based on how folks look, but in this case I'm gonna make an exception. If anybody out there presumed they were crap because of the above photo, well, they'd be right.
    As that is what they look like NOW. Xymox that is.
    The band that exist now, and that have existed for too many years rolling out increasingly awful albums are NOT the same band that created Medusa. Mr Moorings may still be there at the front, but please, stop at their third album, 'Twist of Shadows', and you won't go far wrong!
    As for Twist being their more fully realized project? Nah.
    What 'many think ...' is never anything worth listening to, and although I do, very much so, MOSTLY love Twist of Shadows, it simply hasn't got anything that can live even in the shadow of something like 'After the Call'.
    Or 'Agonised By Love'
    Or 'Masquerade'
    Or 'Medusa'
    Or 'Louise'
    Or ....

    The only other album 4AD ever released that sounded like it came from another world, and was able to transcend passing decades and remain a perfect artifact, was the magnificently hypnotic 'Spleen and Ideal' by Dead Can Dance.

    They both contain multitudes.

  5. Hi Mace, I fixed the photo and my only excuse is that older photos of Clan of Xymox are hard to come by. I agree with everything you said except that "Spleen and Ideal" is Dead Can Dance's best work. I'd go with "Serpent's Egg," but that's just me. Any interest in becoming a poster at the new blog? http://plasticpalacepeople66.blogspot.com/
    if so, send me an email and I'll reply the invite

  6. Great to listen to this stuff again. Totally forgot about these guys.

    Lots of interesting gems hidden in the 4AD catalogue, no about that.;)

  7. Mace, by the way, the low number of comments (although they are now adding up quickly) is my fault because, as you know, I unthinkingly posted this somewhere else not that long ago. As a result, a lot of people have already downloaded this. Anyway, it's now where it belongs and, being the rare gem that it is, it can sparkle in the moonlight.

  8. Might as well wade in... thanks for this, would love to hear the first album too. It hasn't been mentioned so check out the John Peel Sessions released as an EP which is the Clan at their peak!

    What about Xmal Deutschland seems like a tenuous link apart from the obvious. None of my German friends have ever heard of them.

  9. Machig, I've been considering some Xmal. I'll keep my eyes open for the Clan of Xymox peel sessions

  10. hi voix. do you think you can just email the links requested? not too many posts like these anywhere ... thanks.


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