Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Cure- Three Imaginary Boys (1979) Deluxe Edition (Bonus Disc) MP3 & FLAC

"10:15 on a Saturday night, and the tap drips under the strip light."

Three Imaginary Boys, The Cure's official debut (Boys Don't Cry, a hybrid album containing a mix of album tracks and singles was released in its place in the U.S.), catches the band trying very hard to establish some modicum of Punk-cred, failing miserably, and in the process, offering "glimpses" of a sound that would eventually land them at the forefront of the Post-Punk movement. Alternatively angular, abstract, glammy, and in places, downright poppy, it all adds up to something quite unlike anything else that surfaced in the waning days of the British Punk scene. For example, on the exceedingly simple, and no less brilliant for it, "10:15 Saturday Night," Robert Smith's emotionally detached, yet still injured, vocals make the song's tale of abandonment by a lover all the more stark and instantly memorable. Three Imaginary Boys is at its strongest when it embraces a "less is more" approach as on the aforementioned "10:15 Saturday Night" and on the title track, both of which make great use of the ambiance of emptiness. While nowhere near the quality of the much darker work The Cure would produce in the years to follow, their debut is nevertheless indispensable for its quirky brand of Post-Punk aggression that even displays a sense of humor in places.

Three Imaginary Boys (2004 Deluxe Remastered Edition)
 1. 10:15 Saturday Night  (3:42)
 2. Accuracy  (2:17)
 3. Grinding Halt  (2:49)
 4. Another Day  (3:44)
 5. Object  (3:03)
 6. Subway Song  (2:00)
 7. Foxey Lady  (2:29)
 8. Meathook  (2:17)
 9. So What  (2:39)
10. Fire in Cairo  (3:23)
11. It's Not You  (2:51)
12. Three Imaginary Boys  (3:32)
13. The Weedy Burton  (0:53)

Bonus Disc: Rarities 1977-1979
 1. I Want to Be Old (SAV Studio Demo 10/77)  (2:36)
 2. I'm Cold (SAV Studio Demo 11/77)  (3:21)
 3. Heroin Face (Live in The Rocket, Crawley 12/77)  (2:40)
 4. I Just Need Myself (PSL Studio Demo 1/78)  (2:14)
 5. 10:15 Saturday Night (Robert Smith Home Demo 2/78)  (4:36)
 6. The Cocktail Party (Group Home Demo 4/78)  (4:17)
 7. Grinding Halt (Group Home Demo 4/78)  (3:31)
 8. Boys Don't Cry (Chestnut Studio Demo 5/78)  (2:45)
 9. It's Not You (Chestnut Studio Demo 5/78)  (3:16)
10. 10:15 Saturday Night (Chestnut Studio Demo 5/78)  (3:41)
11. Fire in Cairo (Chestnut Studio Demo 5/78)  (3:42)
12. Winter ("Three Imaginary Boys" Studio Out-Take 10/78)  (3:46)
13. Faded Smiles ("Three Imaginary Boys" Studio Out-Take 10/78)  (2:16)
14. Play with Me ("Three Imaginary Boys" Studio Out-Take 10/78)  (3:30)
15. World War  (2:38)
16. Boys Don't Cry (Single)  (2:37)
17. Jumping Someone Else's Train (Single)  (2:59)
18. Subway Song (Live in Nottingham 10/79)  (2:27)
19. Accuracy (Live in Nottingham 10/79)  (2:36)
20. 10:15 Saturday Night (Live in Nottingham 10/79)  (4:38)


  1. The first five Cures are essential. 3 tracks from this one are missing on Boys Don't Cry and vice versa. Great album and great post.

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  3. Whoops. I have 4:13 Dream, but not in Flac, and it's terrific. Will you be posting it as well? If not no big deal just the same thanks for this!

  4. strankenfiner, I think everything through "Disintegration" is pretty essential, well, except for "The Top." Maybe I should give that one another chance. Thanks again for your comment!

  5. scurfie, I'm embarrassed to say I haven't heard The Cure's more recent stuff; nevertheless, I'll DL it and get it to you either here or on WLIL! (I'll give it a listen too) scout's honor :)

  6. Yea The Head on the Door, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me and Disintegration are very good. The Top is like their Ceremony album. The Tolhurst, Gallup, Smith lineup is my fave.

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  8. much agreed mr. stranker! I will post "Seventeen Seconds" in deluxe in the coming weeks

  9. I was at the Nottingham University gig on 01/10/79 where they were support to The Banshees. They only played the 3 songs and then Robert Smith proceeded to play guitar for The Banshees because their original guitarist and drummer decided to leave suddenly leaving Siouxise and Severin in the lurch before a major tour. This was before McGeoch joined the band (the drummer was Budgie).
    Smith played with them on all of those dates - what a decent fellow he is.

  10. Mick, amazing piece of Post-Punk history you witnessed there. Did they sound harder (more punkish)than on the album? Also, thanks for the background info; I always wondered how Smith became affiliated with S&B, cheers

  11. Can't remember much apart from liking The Cure and walking out of the S&B set before the end because Siouxsies voice sounded awful - it was echoing terribly in this big sports hall. It wasn't a good gig. Great to hear the songs on CD2 though so thanks a million for posting it. Incidently my favourite Cure album is Pornography because it is darker than their other albums. Suprised no one else mentioned it. Probably too bleak for most.

  12. I've been a follower of this blog since day three and feel compelled to thank you for the many excellent posts. I have immensely enjoyed this blog and look forward to your future posts.I'm listening to "Grinding Halt" right now. Ah, the memories.

    B&B Man

  13. Mick, "Pornography" is definitely one of The Cure's best and I will post it in a deluxe edition in the near future. It may be bleak, but I guess that's what the blog is all about in a way, thanks again for your comments!

  14. Anon., I've immensely enjoyed doing the blog; it's a nice distraction from the more stressful parts of life. And thank you as well for being a loyal reader from the beginning. I think the blog has evolved nicely and I have the readers to thank for that.


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