Friday, March 11, 2011

Gang of Four- Peel Sessions Album (1990) MP3 & FLAC

"The past lives on in your front room; the poor still weak, the rich still rule."

Presenting Gang of Four at their scratchy, blunt, and angular best, The Peel Sessions Album, comprised of three separate John Peel sessions spanning the years 1979-1981, has long had the reputation for containing some of the best performances the band ever recorded. Gang of Four virtually defined the Post-Punk ethos- a jagged, acerbic deconstruction of the Punk movement's nihilistic tendencies, and on The Peel Sessions Album, perhaps even more so than on their justly iconic debut, Entertainment!, their "agit-pop" songs are offered up unpolished and positively seething with cerebral sarcasm. Tracks such as "I Found That Essence Rare" and "5.45" exhibit a more frenzied, slightly out of control feel that is largely missing on the studio versions of these songs. For comrades already familiar with Gang of Four's work, this album is a treasure-trove of fine performances by the original lineup. For those unfamiliar with this seminal Post-Punk band, there is no better point of entry.

The Peel Sessions Album
 1. I Found That Essence Rare (Maida Vale 4, Sept. 1, 1979)  (3:12)
 2. Return the Gift (Maida Vale 4, Sept. 1, 1979)  (3:16)
 3. 5.45 (Maida Vale 4, Sept. 1, 1979)  (3:11)
 4. At Home He's a Tourist (Maida Vale 4, Sept. 1, 1979)  (3:43)
 5. Natural's Not in It (Feb. 7, 1979)  (3:15)
 6. Not Great Men (Feb. 7, 1979)  (3:20)
 7. Ether (Feb. 7, 1979)  (3:55)
 8. Guns Before Butter (Feb. 7, 1979)  (4:20)
 9. Paralysed (Langham 1, Sept. 3, 1981)  (3:15)
10. History's Bunk! (Langham 1, Sept. 3, 1981)  (3:45)
11. To Hell with Poverty (Langham 1, Sept. 3, 1981)  (3:35)


  1. I've been waiting for the flac version of this cd to be posted and today here it is!! I pity those who did not have an opportunity to see GOF live. They were amazing. Thanks Voixautre you consistently raise the bar. (Btw, are you familiar with Harold Budd's work with or without Brian Eno? I recently heard some tracks which were quite good)

  2. scurfie, I had a feeling you'd like this one. I will post "Entertainment!" in all it's expanded FLAC glory soon. I'm also going to post some other HTF GO4 FLACS in the coming weeks

  3. Thanks for this...more GOF would be cool (I've been after a Solid Gold flac file for a while). Saw them a few weeks back on their tour with the new CD "Content." Great show (I waited almost 30 years to see these guys!!)and really good CD.

    Thanks again!!

  4. Just saw these guys in LA, and still the show is phenomenal, as The Hexx would likely agree. 'Content' is good too, though their set was heavily based on 'Solid Gold' and 'Entertainment' (possibly the finest record out of the post punk scene). Anyway, nice to upgrade to lossless on this one. Thanks for your efforts, and looking forward to more GO4!

  5. Hexx & reindeer, thanks for your comments and I'll be sure to post some more GO4 soon

  6. Kinda bizarre, I've been listening to this same album and pretty much only this for the last couple of days now... Nonetheless, a great album! The tracks off Entertainment! sound more robust and energetic here and the tracks from Solid Gold don't have that glossy wiener brothers sheen.

  7. David, I agree, especially about the "Solid Gold" tracks. Too bad they didn't record the whole album for the BBC!

  8. Fantastic compilation all in all. Also voixautre, I added Killing Moon to my blogroll. Thanks so much for your input. :)

  9. DrakeSinister, thank you! I'll post the Karin Krog within the next 24 hours. It may be the inagural post on my new blog, Plastic Palace People:


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