Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Durutti Column- Amigos em Portugal (1983) MP3 & FLAC

"All I really need is the mercy of your lies and the clouds to break."

Amigos em Portugal, out of print for more than twenty years until re-issued in 2005, is an obscure gem that also happens to contain some of Vini Reilly's most beautiful guitar work. Recorded solo (for the most part) over the course of a few days in Portugal for a newly-formed independent record label in anticipation of The Durutti Column's Without Mercy, Reilly's guitar oscillates regularly between Jazz, Flamenco, and his trademark percussive style, all of which is interwoven into some haunting piano passages. "Lisboa," for example, uses an impressionistic piano foundation over which Reilly indulges in some amazing guitar improvisations; at times, the proceedings sound almost raga-like. While most of the album is instrumental, Reilly does add vocals to three tracks, the best of which is "Lies of Mercy"; however, in the others, he sounds quite reticent and often out of tune. Despite this minor flaw, Amigos em Portugal is a must-listen for anyone with even a passing interest in The Durutti Column's work. Presumably due to lost master tapes, this CD re-issue was remastered from the original vinyl, so surface noise is audible, but the beauty of the music quickly overcomes the sonic limitations of the source.

Amigos em Portugal (2005 Remaster from Original Vinyl Source)
 1. Amigos em Portugal  (3:53)
 2. Menina Ao Pé Duma Piscina  (3:20)
 3. Lisboa  (4:09)
 4. Sara E Tristana  (2:55)
 5. Estoril À Noite  (2:52)
 6. Vestido Amarrotado  (3:45)
Dedications for Jacqueline
 7. Wheels Turning  (2:50)
 8. Lies of Mercy  (2:40)
 9. Saudade  (2:21)
10. Games of Rhythm  (2:03)
11. Favourite Descending Intervals  (4:47)
12. To End With  (1:23)


  1. Fabulous - thank you for uploading this superb recording in a quality lossless rip. I have adequate-quality covers for this 2005 version, if they would be of any use . . . . .

  2. Anon. thank you for the comment. I agree, an absolutely superb album! In terms of the covers, no need really. Most of this is available on Discogs. I included a high quality J-PEG of the original LP cover, thanks again!

  3. Thanks so much,
    Yet another case of "Ive got it on vinyl but I can't play it"
    Brings back lots of good memories,

  4. Levin, my pleasure. Feel free to let me know if you have any requests :)


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