Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Te@rdrop Explod3s- P33L Sessions Plus (2007) MP3 & FLAC

"If you have a daughter bounce her on your knee. If you have a son send the blighter off to sea."

One of the more mercurial Post-Punk bands of the late seventies and early eighties, The Teardrop Explodes' all-too-brief career spanned only two studio albums, yet is no less legendary for that. Lead by the brilliantly eccentric Julian Cope, The Teardrop Explodes combined an angular Post-Punk foundation embellished with psychedelic and Kraut-Rock elements and was not even averse to employing brass on occasion. Given the brevity of their discography, the re-issue of the band's 1979-1982 sessions for the BBC are both a godsend and a revelation (although Peel Sessions Plus is far from being a comprehensive compilation, as there are supposedly more than a dozen different BBC sessions in the can somewhere). The October 1979 session, recorded while the band was still, more or less, unknown, is a perfect example of their unique sound, often combining atonal guitar work with neo-psychedelic overtones, which simply doesn't sound like any other band of that era. Peel Sessions Plus also serves as yet another reminder that Julian Cope is one of the most underrated vocalists of the "alt" rock-era.

Peel Sessions Plus 
 1. Ha-Ha I'm Drowning (John Peel Session, 10/2/79)  (3:43)
 2. Went Crazy (John Peel Session, 10/2/79)  (2:52)
 3. Brave Boys Keep Their Promises (John Peel Session, 10/2/79)  (2:23)
 4. Chance (John Peel Session, 10/2/79)  (2:02)
 5. Reward (Read Session, 10/16/80)  (3:00)
 6. Thief of Baghdad (John Peel Session, 4/16/80)  (3:14)
 7. When I Dream (John Peel Session, 4/16/80)  (4:21)
 8. The Poppies in the Field (John Peel Session, 4/16/80)  (4:46)
 9. Like Leila Khaled Said (BBC Session, Date Unknown)  (3:01)
10. The Culture Bunker (BBC Session, Date Unknown)  (3:24)
11. Pure Joy Wins Out Again (BBC Session, Date Unknown)  (1:51)
12. Better Scream/Make That Move (Skinner Session, 8/13/81)  (3:50)
13. Bent Out of Shape (Skinner Sessions, 8/13/81)  (2:58)
14. Log Cabin (Jensen Session, 6/27/82)  (3:10)
15. Buchanan (Jensen Session, 6/27/82)  (3:50)
16. You Disappear from View (Jensen Session, 6/27/82)  (2:56)


  1. Thanks for this post. Another band I heard of but never seriously gave a listen. But I will now.

  2. Hi scurfie, in my humble opinion, these guys are one of the best and unique bands of the Post-Punk period, enjoy!

  3. coco the electronic monkey wizardMarch 8, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    A groovy airplane, check, Julian Cope, check. Will scoop this up after this doom sludge crust download completes. :-)

  4. jo jo, do you want to become a poster on WLIL! If so, let JFK know in the chat box. Mention me if you want. Should be no problem

  5. Teardrop put on a few great songs; good choice here

  6. Hi Let's Find H-Man A Wife (can I just call you H-Man?), I will be posting some more TDE soon. I have the "Kilimanjaro" deluxe, which is pretty amazing

  7. Don't know why I waited so long to download this. The Kilimanjaro/Wilder two-fer pretty much never leaves my car. No bonus material though. I'd love to hear that Kilimanjaro deluxe edition.

  8. wolfspider, I have it and I promise I'll get it posted sooner than later. Just so much to post and the format of this blog isn't conducive to posting at a prolific rate. Email me at killingmoonmusic@gmail.com and I'll hook you up once I get it uploaded.

  9. Thanks for this. Great to hear these songs again.


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