Monday, March 7, 2011

W@rm Gh0st- Uncut Di@m0nd EP (2011) MP3 & FLAC

"Ditch my pride and let my body go. Cells collide and burst into a glow."

Warm Ghost's Uncut Diamond EP is both claustrophobic and epic, tightly constructed and deliberately unfocused. By marrying Kraut-rock-inspired soundscapes to Shoegaze ambiguity and occasionally spiking the proceedings with a hint of eighties synth-pop cheese, Warm Ghost manages to lend a dark emotional weight to these songs, at times invoking an ethereal moodiness that recalls the heyday of the 4AD brand of Gothic dream-pop. However, things are more fragmented here, and conversely, more openly romantic in tone thanks to Paul Duncan's blurry yet heartbroken vocals. Warm Ghost's aural bricolage comes together most effectively on the single, "Open the Wormhole in Your Heart," which is an ecstatic down-tempo masterpiece featuring Duncan's most affecting vocal turn. Hopefully there's a long-player by this band on the horizon.

Uncut Diamond EP
1. Open the Wormhole in Your Heart  (3:53)
2. Without a Dancer  (4:14)
3. Claws Overhead  (4:46)
4. Uncut Diamond  (4:31)
5. Resignation Rights  (5:03)
6. Let My Angst Unfold in the Water Like a Hound's Tongue  (5:30)
7. All Cats Are Grey  (4:50)


  1. I like how they use contemporary post-glitch digital techniques together with that ethereal 80s sound. I'm surprised more artists don't combine those two realms. Seems real peanut butter 'n chocolate when you actually hear it done.

  2. wolfspider, nicely stated. Love the "peanut butter 'n chocolate" description! I completely agree. I'm really anticipating the album if/when it arrives


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