Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Women- S/T (2008) / Public Strain (2010) MP3 & FLAC

"Grey balloons set toward the sun, fighting words underneath your tongue."

Wiry, metallic, clanging, unapologetically dissonant and still somehow sweetly melodic in a trebly, spiky Post-Punk sort of way, Women, a Canadian noise quartet with experimental tendencies, produces a sound caught in the gap between claustrophobic avant squalls and hooky pop confections. Nowhere do these poles come together more dramatically than on "Black Dice," a standout track from their eponymously titled debut. At first the song sounds like a classic nugget of mid-sixties lo-fi garage-pop, until the melody slowly and subtly starts to warp as if being played on a broken record player. And this is the curious conceit of the debut: pop songs flicker in the light before being whisked away into caverns of impenetrable (and sometimes irritating) noise. The album cover for the band's second album, Public Strain, couldn't be more apropos of the music contained within: a stark, dark-lit snowstorm punctuated by the burning glow of poetic beauty. This time, the pop songs no longer descend into the caverns of noise; rather, they provide the blurry outlines that give vestiges of form to the spectral dissonance. Simultaneously beautiful and exceedingly bleak, it's hard to shake the feeling that Women are really on to something original when listening to a song like "Venice Lockjaw," with vocals sounding as off kilter as they do haunting- imagine The Clientele cross-bred with The Velvet Underground. Women produce a singular sound well worth multiple spins for those with ears to hear.

 1. Cameras  (1:01)
 2. Lawncare  (4:27)
 3. Woodbine  (3:39)
 4. Black Rice  (3:15)
 5. Sag Harbor Bridge  (1:40)
 6. Group Transport Hall  (1:11)
 7. Shaking Hand  (4:44)
 8. Upstairs  (3:58)
 9. January 8th  (3:58)
10. Flashlights  (3:43)

Public Strain
 1. Can't You See  (3:41)
 2. Heat Distraction  (4:05)
 3. Narrow with the Hall  (2:37)
 4. Penal Colony  (2:40)
 5. Bells  (3:23)
 6. China Steps  (4:22)
 7. Untogether  (3:09)
 8. Drag Open  (4:53)
 9. Locust Valley  (4:15)
10. Venice Lockjhaw  (2:48)
11. Eyesore  (6:25)


  1. Thanks for these. I've been looking for the s/t in particular (as you can imagine, google hasn't been much help!).

  2. wolfspider, my pleasure. Yes, the first album is very hard to get a hold of in lossless. Well, not anymore ;)

  3. Thank you!! Will download this immediately ... wonderful!

  4. PS: I'm very glad you didn't give up writing about the albums you post here at (La) Luna (really appreciate your reviews...) - thanks also for starting Plastic Palace People (where I already found so many things...)

  5. pretty interesting music! This is the first time I've ever listened to this band. Nice mixture of some archaic sixties lo-fi sound and psychedelia combined through post-punk. Thnx!!

  6. Issi, I think the reviews are an essential part of this blog; they are what makes it personal for me and for the readers. ( La) luna also is a place of escape for me and I guess I hope some of the readers feel the same way :)

  7. iggy1, yes, good description of Women. I like this band more and more all the time


  9. Please re upload the self titled album! I can't find it anywhere :(


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