Thursday, March 3, 2011

Juli@n Cop3- fR13d (1984) MP3 & FLAC -For sradams777-

"I'm fried, fried, ticking in the side. Body twitched from side to side."

While Fried was released the same year as  World Shut Your Mouth, they differ significantly in tone. If Julian Cope's solo debut was full of shimmering English guitar-pop, Fried, in many ways, re-introduces some of the Post-Punk grit of his earlier work with The Teardrop Explodes. However, this doesn't mean that the album is bereft of melodic stunners; in fact, it is full of them, from driving rockers such as "Reynard the Fox" (a song about the bloody ritual of a fox hunt from the perspective of the fox) to the giddy psychedelia of "Sunspots," which almost sounds like XTC. In the years since its release, Fried has garnered a reputation as a retreat into obscurity by an infamously eccentric recluse, but it actually bests its fine predecessor by offering another slew of fantastic songs while sounding far less fussed over in the studio. Long out of print, Fried is a beautiful piece of eighties psychedelia that practically defines the term "cult-classic."

 Fried (1996 Remastered Edition)
 1. Reynard the Fox  (6:15)
 2. Bill Drummond Said  (2:28)
 3. Laughing Boy  (5:47)
 4. Me Singing  (3:33)
 5. Sunspots  (5:15)
 6. The Bloody Assizes  (3:18)
 7. Search Party  (3:56)
 8. O King of Chaos  (2:36)
 9. Holy Love  (3:21)
10. Torpedo  (3:59)
-Bonus Tracks-
11. I Went on a Chourney   (2:28)
12. Mic Mak Mok  (4:47)
13. Land of Fear  (5:10)


  1. All I needed to see was XTC! Thanks dude.

  2. You don't have the 2 cd remastered Jehovahkill by any chance?

  3. scurfie, as a matter of fact, I have some remastered XTC in the pipeline. "English Settlement" is one of my all-time favorites.

  4. Anon. I do have it, and will post at some point. I'll put it on the list

  5. voixautre, excellent, I look forward to it. By the way, superb blog. I should have mentioned that in my last post out of courtesy but I was a bit, erm, 'tired' last night.

  6. Anon. thanks for the compliment on the blog. I have A LOT of Cope material, and plan to post some Teardrop Explodes this weekend. I'll get "Jehovahkill" and "Kilimanjaro" deluxe editions up in the near future. I've got "Peggy Suicide" too.

  7. I absolutely love Julian Cope, damn the detractors. It would be nice to see some other material posted. Since Cope has been quite prolific and his material is quite often hard to track down, the likelihood that you have some material that I do not already have is quite high.

  8. Hi Jeff, what are you after? I posted a bootleg with "Saint Julian" and "My Nation Underground Demos" on my other blog:

  9. Well, I know they are not the most highly rated albums, but I am lacking Droolian and Skellington. Pretty much any of the ep's and singles. Thanks for the Beautiful Love ep by the way.

  10. Jeff, I have them both, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to post them. Send me an email to the address listed in the contact tab and I 'll try to upload them soon

  11. Thank you, very much =)

    I've seen this one on enough lists that I know I need to give it a chance. Thank you =)


  12. JDT, yes, it's definitely worth a listen. I can't understand why these have never been re-issued


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