Thursday, May 12, 2011

Talk Talk Series, #7: .O.Rang- Fields and Waves (1996) MP3 & FLAC

One of the most unsung aspects of Talk Talk's groundbreaking later work was the band's rhythm section comprised of bassist Paul Webb and drummer Lee Harris. While earlier albums such as It's My Life  and The Colour of Spring  were far more traditional in their use of bass and percussion, on the final two albums, Webb and Harris regularly traversed into Jazz territory with an emphasis on texture and space rather than beat. On the heels of Talk Talk's demise after recording Laughing Stock, Webb and Harris built their own studio and formed .O.Rang. While .O.Rang's sound bears little outward resemblance to Talk Talk, Webb and Harris do retain the experimental ethos of their previous band's best work. For example, before putting together their brilliant debut, Herd of Instinct, .O.Rang brought in a diverse range of musicians to improvise in the studio with acoustic-based instruments, thus providing the raw materials from which they built the tracks comprising the finished album. Fields and Waves, .O.Rang's second album, is a more formally produced affair and introduces a Techno vibe to the the Ethno-Ambient sound forged on the first album. On "Barren," the album's beautiful lead track, Web and Harris create an expansive and multi-layered soundscape that is punctuated by bursts of notes from a santoor, making the song sound reminiscent of Dead Can Dance. Another distinctive track is "Moratorium," which features Webb taking a turn on vocals in amidst a melange of tribal rhythms and distorted guitars, resulting in the closest thing to a traditional pop-song .O. Rang has recorded. While Herd of Instinct was distinctive due to its Jazz-like free-form approach, Field of Waves tightens up the song structures a bit to make the proceedings a bit more danceable, but still manages to retain the eclectic, experimental feel that defines .O.Rang's sound.

Fields and Waves
 1. Barren  (7:30)
 2. Jalap  (8:10)
 3. P.53  (6:03)
 4. Moider  (4:52)
 5. Seizure  (3:34)
 6. Moratorium  (4:06)
 7. Superculture  (4:37)
 8. Quondam  (7:56)
 9. Forest  (4:14)
10. Hoo  (7:56)
11. Boreades  (4:06)
12. Fields & Waves  (4:46)


  1. I bought .O.Rang cds as very cheap cut-outs many years ago. I haven't heard them for a long time, so thank you for the reminder.

    Voixautre, I sent you an email, I hope you got it.

  2. Hi Lon, I did get the ewmail and sent a reply earlier today. I'll be posting .O.Rang's other releases later in the series


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