Monday, May 2, 2011

The Psychedelic Furs- Talk Talk Talk (1981) MP3 & FLAC -For AndieJames-

"She lives in the place in the side of our lives where nothing is ever put straight."

On their brilliant debut, The Psychedelic Furs offered up a relentlessly dark collection of songs occupying the intersection between Punk aggression and Post-Punk angst; however, peeking through the gloom on occasion was the band's clear talent for writing memorable, off-kilter pop songs, "Sister Europe" being the most obvious example of this. On their second LP, Talk Talk Talk, The Psychedelic Furs made the fateful decision to pursue this approach more consistently, though the band's sound still retains its rough edges pretty much intact. In addition, Richard Butler's detached Bowie-esque vocals sound more confident than on the debut, which aids in making the songs a little more accessible. On "Dumb Waiters," a strangely compelling mash-up of Punk and Kraut-Rock elements, Butler's sneering vocals, which here sound something like a more tuneful Johnny Rotten, and Duncan Kilburn's fractured sax give the song both its memorable hook and its attitude. While the original version of "Pretty in Pink" is indeed a classic on all levels, Talk Talk Talk contains many lesser-known gems, not the least of which is the stunning "All of This and Nothing," one of the best tracks The Psychedelic Furs ever recorded. Opening with a beautiful though completely unexpected acoustic guitar arpeggio intertwining with Kilburn's sax, the song quickly morphs into an epic rocker knocking around the empty corners of a dissolving relationship. This album is, without a doubt, The Psychedelic Furs' finest moment.

Talk Talk Talk (2002 Remastered and Expanded Edition)
 1. Dumb Waiters  (5:05)
 2. Pretty in Pink  (3:58)
 3. I Wanna Sleep with You  (3:19)
 4. No Tears  (3:17)
 5. Mr. Jones  (4:03)
 6. Into You Like a Train  (4:35)
 7. It Goes On  (3:52)
 8. So Run Down  (2:54)
 9. All of This and Nothing  (6:23)
10. She Is Mine  (3:53)
-Bonus Tracks-
11. Mr. Jones (Single Version)  (3:26)
12. So Run Down (Early Version)  (3:05)
13. All of This and Nothing (Demo)  (9:02)


  1. Oh man, this album is timeless! I remember being a kid and staring at the record cover for hours. Years later, I listened to the music and fell in love with it.
    And of course, with Butler's voice.
    "Yeah I mean it honestlyyyyyyyy...."

  2. Hi Dave, I actually hadn't listened to the Furs for quite some time until deciding to post these on luna. Listening to them again recently has been quite an experience- they have aged quite gracefully, and "Talk Talk Talk" is an absolute gem of an album

  3. A cd which I've listened to many times.

    Along with songs you've mentioned, I also love very much "into you like a train".

    For me all the first 3 albums are classic.

    Butler's voice is so great that even when thy're average, I can still hear them for hours.

  4. Lon, great comment on Butler's voice; I completely agree

  5. The last gasp of the OG Furs - after this they jettisoned a guitar and sax player and America beckoned. They were never the same again. An amazing album filled with promise. Thanks for letting me hear it again Voix

  6. 'Dumb Waiters' really sets the tone for this record -- even with the more accessible pop structure of some of these songs (Pretty In Pink), there's always a dissonant, scraping undertone that's out to upset the pop applecart. 'I Just Want to Sleep With You' and 'Into You Like a Train' grind away with a snarl that would soon be dropped from the Fur's repertoire. No sophomore slump here!

    Once again, thanks for a great post, V.

  7. Anon. & reindeer man, this album, "Talk Talk Talk," seems to have been where their punk and pop sensibilities were most in balance. It's a shame they got so commercial so quickly, but the next one's worth posting as well

  8. Thank you for Talk Talk Talk. I would have posted my gratitude earlier, but I've been away on a weeks holiday...

    Now I've got loads to catch up on :))

  9. Andie James, my pleasure. Enjoy ;)

  10. WRONG..."Mirror Moves" was a more cohesive affair [imo]. It travels from start to finish without any dips...I had it on vinyl when it arrived & it was one of those rare 'LP's' that the needle didn't need lifting to avoid filler tracks. Yes... ARGUABLY the best PS outing! Keep on keepin on!

  11. malenka2000, for me anyway, "Mirror Moves," though full of good songs, was just too over-produced, but I can certainly see your point, cheers


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