Friday, May 6, 2011

Gang of Four- Solid Gold (1981) / Another Day, Another Dollar EP (1982) MP3 & FLAC -For sradams777-

"Why work for love if it shows no profit? You'll only earn emotional losses."

On Gang of Four's brilliant debut, Entertainment!, arguably the best record of the original British Post-Punk movement, Andy Gill, John King & co. virtually wrote the book on fusing Punk-inspired iconoclasm with fractured, abrasive and passionate Agit-Pop. However, what made their debut even more distinctive was the subtle undercurrent of Funk percolating beneath all the atonal anarchy and politically-charged lyrics. In other words, Entertainment! somehow managed to be both didactic and danceable. While Gang of Four's follow-up, Solid Gold, continues along the same aesthetic lines, it does so by bringing the Funk influence a little more to the surface, and, in the process, emerges as slightly more polished and even more danceable than its predecessor. But don't let this fool you into thinking the socio-political commentary has been turned down a notch because it hasn't. For example, on "Cheeseburger," a scathing satire of America's emphasis on consumerism over class consciousness, Gill's hiccuping guitar takes a secondary role to the outwardly Funk -inspired rhythm section of Dave Allen and Hugo Burnham, creating a unique sound that would be emulated by countless bands a decade later. On the follow-up Another Day, Another Dollar EP, Gang of Four refines this sound even further with tracks such as "To Hell With Poverty" with its relentless dance groove and viciously humorous lyrics.  While Entertainment! is clearly Gang of Four's masterpiece, Solid Gold is, at times, a more confident and musically varied album, making it nearly as essential.

Solid Gold / Another Day, Another Dollar EP (1995 Remastered Edition)
 1. Paralysed  (3:23)
 2. What We All Want  (5:00)
 3. Why Theory?  (2:34)
 4. If I Could Keep It for Myself  (4:09)
 5. Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time  (3:19)
 6. Cheeseburger  (4:05)
 7. The Republic  (3:22)
 8. In the Ditch  (4:22)
 9. A Hole in the Wallet  (4:05)
10. He'd Send in the Army  (4:28)

Another Day , Another Dollar EP
11. To Hell With Poverty  (5:00)
12. Capital (It Fails Us Now)  (4:05)
13. History's Bunk!  (3:02)
14. Cheeseburger (Live, Hammersmith Palais, March 30, 1981)  (3:41)
15. What We All Want (Live, Hammersmith Palais, March 30, 1981)  (5:24)


  1. Are they really Marxists?

  2. I thought the Gang Of Four were Chinese.

  3. actually, they are a gamelan orchestra

  4. Thank you herr doctor think I'll have a little of the old in-out, the milk bar, seriously tho muchas gracias.

  5. Thanks so much for this! And all the great OZ rock as well!

  6. sradams777, sorry it took so long to get this one posted for you. I'll email a link for "Crashing Dream" in a few days

  7. Nice album, voix! Have you listened to "Contents", GOF's last album? I bought it weeks ago, but I don't get the point..


  8. Hi Dave, I liked the new one well enough, but GO4's early stuff is where it's at

  9. Saw them recently on tour. Brilliant. The new rhythm section is monster and Mssrs. King and Gill were in top form.

  10. kingpossum, thanks for reminding me that I should have seen them when they came through my city. Oh well. What did you think of "Content"?

  11. Kingpossum is right, new rhythm section IS a monster. Content is good, just not up with Entertainment! or Solid Gold... but a hard stick to measure up to for any band... Think of Wire all these years later.

    Though the new Wire 'Red Barked Tree' is actually really QUITE good.

  12. you're right reindeer man, it's neither fair nor realistic to expect the same quality as a band achieved in its prime. It's just nice to have a band like this still putting out good, artistically credible music. The Wire analogy makes sense. I'm considering writing up a post for "Content" as well as "Songs of the Free"

  13. Yo - Songs of the Free is often overlooked but is a key GOF LP - Sarah Lee's bass playing changed their sound radically!! They sort of went punk disco on SOTF. Thanks for the music Voix.

  14. Thanks for this! SOTF is the tour I saw. They played in a small venue and Sara rocked. She's a great bassist.

  15. Anon. I will post "Songs of the Free" soon

  16. scurfie, great to hear from you- you are certainly missed around here. How are things?

  17. LOL hi voixautre. I am surviving thanks for asking.

  18. Great post punk album. I'd love to listen to that remastered edition with the ep I never listenes to. Any chance for a new link ?
    Congratulations for such a great blog. Please keep on with the hard work.


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