Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ride- Nowhere (1990) 20th Anniversary Edition (Bonus Disc) MP3 & FLAC -For iggy1-

"And the train rushes past like a day gone too fast."

While My Bloody Valentine's Loveless is considered, in most quarters, as the holy grail of the original UK Shoegaze movement, a strong case can be made that Ride's debut long-player, Nowhere, is just as good if not better (though vastly different). Previous to Nowhere, Ride had released several EPs that positioned them as a band on the cusp of brilliance; these early releases all revealed a sound forged out of antecedents such as The Jesus and Mary Chain and the aforementioned My Bloody Valentine, but in addition, Ride sounded like a band who had spent some time listening to Nuggets -era psychedelia. While the foundation for Nowhere is clearly discernible in these EPs, the album itself sees the band transform these influences into something abrasively vibrant and recognizably their own, and if this isn't enough, beneath all the jangle, distortion, and reverb are some pretty fine pop songs for those with ears to hear. On the superb opening track "Seagull," Ride is at its psychedelic best, complete with backward-masked guitars, duo vocals by Mark Gardener and Andy Bell, and a killer hook buried beneath the guitar squall. Another standout is "Vapour Trail," a track featuring some lovely guitar jangle and a more solemn tone while still retaining the power of the more intense songs. While Nowhere is rightly labeled a Shoegaze album, throughout the proceedings, Ride seem intent on playing with some of the conventions of the genre, which might be the reason the album hasn't aged a day in 20 years.  Guitar-based pop simply doesn't get any better than this.

Nowhere (Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition)

Disc I: Nowhere + Today Forever EP  (2011 Remaster)
 1. Seagull  (6:09)
 2. Kaleidoscope  (3:01)
 3. In a Different Place  (5:06)
 4. Polar Bear  (4:45)
 5. Dreams Burn Down  (6:04)
 6. Decay  (3:35)
 7. Paralysed  (5:34)
 8. Vapour Trail  (4:18)
 9. Taste  (3:17)
10. Here and Now  (4:27)
11. Nowhere  (5:23)

Today Forever EP
12. Unfamiliar  (5:03)
13. Sennen  (4:23)
14. Beneath  (4:06)
15. Today  (6:26)

Disc II: Live at The Roxy, Los Angeles, April 10, 1991
 1. Polar Bear  (5:03)
 2. Seagull  (5:52)
 3. Unfamiliar  (4:15)
 4. Dreams Burn Down  (5:17)
 5. Like a Daydream  (2:41)
 6. Vapour Trail  (3:27)
 7. In a Different Place  (5:31)
 8. Perfect Time  (3:22)
 9. Taste  (3:16)
10. Nowhere  (8:14)
11. Chelsea Girl  (3:53)
12. Drive Blind  (7:25)


  1. PERFECT. thank you voixautre. I was looking for this one.
    ps:and by the way lots of people are... Looking For Paisley Und Erground. something special on the way?

  2. Great post! One of the best albums of all time.

    Give me ride over MBV any day!

  3. frankroo, you're welcome! This edition isn't posted anywhere else for some reason. My previous post was a Paisley series post, so I'm not sure what you mean.

  4. Ralph, I agree. This one just gets better with time, and the remaster is pretty nice

  5. I was mesmerized by the guitar sound of this Lp. Still think that they had something special. I had the Ep but lost it. Thanks for it. Saludos.

  6. El Isabelino, this is one of my favorite albums and I'm glad I could post it

  7. The Ride/Lush tour during this release was one of my all-time faves. Lush had just released Gala in the US. Good times–the crest of an awesome wave.

  8. Stefano, that must have been an amazing show

  9. Just came from work and I can't believe that you've posted this version of album. Can't wait to download and listen to it!!!!!
    Thank you a thousand times!!!What a nice end of a day (it's midnight in my country right now)!!!

  10. iggy1, it was my pleasure. A great request that I should have posted long ago. Enjoy the late night/early morning (my favorite time of day)

  11. i remember being 16 and making out with a girl while she played this record on cassette tape in the background. it totally confused me, i had no idea how much that night would affect me in the long run! solid jams!

  12. richard, thanks for the great comment. This album brings back a lot of memories for me as well- can't believe it's twenty years ago

  13. Just downloaded the bonus disk and was blown away - definitely the best live Ride I've ever heard!

  14. Having heard 1991 L.A. gig on bonus cd,my regret that I missed their concert that year in my country is even greater!!!
    Rhino remasters are usually OK, but this one is really amazing.First cd is the same as one from 2001, but live cd is as Ralph Doger stated above the best ever heard!
    The sound is excellent, Ride's performance superb and accurate, Mark's voice crystal clear with no falsetto...Andy vs. Mark on wah-wah pedals feeding back each other was just great confirming their great guitar skills. My only remark is no 'Close My Eyes' on playlist and slower tempo of 'In A Different Place'!
    Darken your room,turn up you hi-fi and let goose pimples out of your skin!!!
    Thank you a million times for this tour de force of indie music!!!

  15. Ralph, I completely agree. Great live show

  16. iggy1, thank you for the great comment. Live recordings usually disappoint me, but not this one :)
    p.s. I was living in L.A. when this show happened, so I feel pretty regretful I didn't see this show

  17. Ride 'Nowhere' is 'Up there'
    I hate regret but i have to say i didn't see these guys live but i hope to see them re form some day and change all that!
    In the meantime i am going to get down with the bonus cd which is recorded superbly

  18. John, yes, the bonus CD is a great listen

  19. Thank you Thank You!! One of the best bands!! Mark Gardener recently played Pioneertown with a live RIDE band and he ended up crashing my motel party til the sun came up (in the middle of the CA. Desert) djing my iPod. Lovely soul he is!!!!!! I bought the earlier remasters but this 2011 is fantastic! What a great blog from Cindytalk to David Sylvian to Deerhunter to Scott Walker Cheers!!

  20. Hello! Can you please re-up the 320 download? These links seem to be dead. Have a nice day.

  21. Hello! Can you please re-up the 320 download? These links seem to be dead. Have a nice day.


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