Monday, May 23, 2011

The Birthday Party- Hee-Haw (1988) MP3 & FLAC -For Pieter-

"I put on my coat of trumpets. Will she be there? Is my piccolo on straight?"

Hee-Haw virtually defines the term "transitional," as it pairs the earliest releases by The Birthday Party with some of the final recordings Cave & co. made as The Boys Next Door. Five of these latter songs originally comprised The Boys Next Door's final release: the Hee-Haw EP, which, with its jagged rhythms and strangled melodies, has far more in common with the exceedingly dark aesthetic of The Birthday Party than with the band's earlier work on Door, Door. While The Birthday Party's initial recordings show a new-found abandon both in terms of instrumentation and Nick Cave's vocals, several songs such as "Happy Birthday" and "Waving My Arms" only occasionally wed this new approach to a memorable melody; however, there are some gems to be found on this compilation, such as "The Friend Catcher," which bear a much closer resemblance to the legendary trashcan Goth meets Appalachia sound that the band would perfect over the course of the next few years. In theory, this "odds and sods" collection shouldn't work as well as it does, but it provides an invaluable glance into the band's transformation after leaving Australia for greener commercial and artistic pastures in London.

Hee-Haw (2000 Remastered Edition)
 1. The Birthday Party- Mr. Clarinet (1981 Single)  (3:47)
 2. The Birthday Party- Happy Birthday (1981 Single)  (3:50)
 3. The Boys Next Door- Hats on Wrong  (2:40)
 4. The Boys Next Door- Guilt Parade  (2:52)
 5. The Birthday Party- The Friend Catcher (1980 Single)  (4:22)
 6. The Birthday Party- Waving My Arms (1980 Single)  (2:15)
 7. The Birthday Party- Catman (1980 Single)  (2:27)
 8. The Boys Next Door- Riddle House  (2:42)
 9. The Boys Next Door- A Catholic Skin (Hee-Haw EP)  (2:25)
10. The Boys Next Door- The Red Clock (Hee-Haw EP)  (2:47)
11. The Boys Next Door-  Faint Heart (Hee-Haw EP)  (2:51)
12. The Boys Next Door- Death By Drowning (Hee-Haw EP)  (3:10)
13. The Boys Next Door- The Hair Shirt (Hee-Haw EP)  (4:05)


  1. Nice to see the original front of the EP (I've got him on vinyl) Thank you again!

  2. Pieter, I've got the "Peel Sessions" and "A Prayer" that I think I will post in the coming weeks

  3. Nice post! I think I rotate back to the BP more than the later Nick/Bad Seeds stuff... Plenty of jittery, angular guitars and primal, uh, vocalizations here. 'Prayers On Fire' and 'Junkyard' are faves, too. Thanks for the upgrade to lossless on this.

  4. One of my all-time favorite bands.
    Another vinyl which I haven't heard for a long time.

    Thanks !

  5. reindeer man, sorry for the delay; blogger had me lockedout of my account until this morning. Personally, I tend to like Cave's solo-stuff best (I know it's heresy), but The Birthday Party is a pretty close second. I'll post the other albums in the coming days and weeks

  6. Lon, I have the Peel Sessions in FLAC. Any interest?

  7. All for it! Especially as several of my tracks have become corrupted...

  8. The Prayer is very good & yes, The Peel Sessions ... gimme the Peel Sessions :-)

  9. Pieter, I'll work it into the mix in the near future, but I have Siouxsie you're going to like coming up next :)

  10. Oh I didn't have this!! Thanks voixautre! Btw, I had issues with Firefox 4.0.1 and went back to 3.6.17. Could that be the Blogger issue?

  11. scurfie, the issue appears to be fixed (at least for me), though I never upgraded to 4.0.1. You're welcome on the Birthday Party album. I'll be posting more soon.

    p.s. big smile- always great to hear from the original lunático

  12. Thanks voixautre. It's been a trying few weeks......but I should be able to peek in more often now and you can bet I will leave yet another inane comment or two! lol

  13. Voixautre, yes, The Peel Sessions will be great !


  14. scurfie, things just aren't the same without you, so check in often ;)


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