Monday, April 18, 2011

The Smiths- Louder Than Bombs (1987) MP3 & FLAC

"Because the music that they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life."

Louder Than Bombs, originally a U.S.-only hodgepodge of stray singles, b-sides, Peel sessions, and tracks culled from both The Smiths' debut and the UK-only compilation, Hatful of Hollow, is an unwieldy, unfocused, and still somehow mostly brilliant reminder of how peerless The Smiths were in their mid-eighties heyday. The album's true riches are the singles (and their b-sides) that were not included on The Smiths' four studio albums. Chief among these is "Shoplifters of the World Unite," a bludgeoning, lo-fi paean to stepping out of the closet, which features a seductively glum vocal from Morrissey and some nice multi-layered guitar work from Johnny Marr. The b-side of this single, the brilliant "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby," while being one of the most traditionally structured rock songs The Smiths ever recorded, is a wonderfully acerbic send-up of a record exec's dismissive attitude toward promoting the band. Louder Than Bombs' finest moment is arguably "Panic," a sarcastic yet sincere indictment of the banality of commercial radio, complete with a children's chorus chanting "Hang the DJ!"  If not the finest moment in The Smith's justly legendary discography, Louder Than Bombs is no less essential for it.

Louder Than Bombs (2006 Remastered Japanese Mini-LP Edition)
 1. Is It Really So Strange? (B-Side, John Peel Session)  (3:05)
 2. Sheila Takes a Bow (Non-Album Single)  (2:41)
 3. Shoplifters of the World Unite (Non-Album Single)  (2:57)
 4. Sweet and Tender Hooligan (B-Side, John Peel Session)  (3:34)
 5. Half a Person (B-Side)  (3:35)
 6. London (B-Side)  (2:06)
 7. Panic (Non-Album Single)  (2:19)
 8. Girl Afraid (B-Side)  (2:47)
 9. Shakespeare's Sister (Non-Album Single)  (2:08)
10. William, It Was Really Nothing (Non-Album Single)  (2:10)
11. You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby (B-Side)  (3:22)
12. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (Non-Album Single)  (3:33)
13. Ask (Non-Album Single)  (3:17)
14. Golden Lights (B-Side)  (2:39)
15. Oscillate Wildly (B-Side)  (3:26)
16. These Things Take Time (B-Side)  (2:22)
17. Rubber Ring (B-Side)  (3:47)
18. Back to the Old House (B-Side)  (3:03)
19. Hand in Glove (Single Version)  (3:13)
20. Stretch Out and Wait (B-Side)  (2:38)
21. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (B-Side)  (1:51)
22. This Night Has Opened My Eyes (John Peel Session)  (3:39)
23. Unloveable (B-Side)  (3:56)
24. Asleep (B-Side)  (4:11)


  1. Man, I just bought this album from Amazon a few days ago (I'm expecting to receive it in a couple of days).
    There are some awesome tunes there: "Girl Afraid" and "Oscillate Wildly" are just magic! I would have prefered "Money Changes Everything" to be also included here (later transformed into Bryan Ferry's "The Right Stuff"), but it's ok.

    (By the way, I'm El Lovecrafto, but I decided to use my real name).

  2. Dave, my apologies for not getting this one posted sooner. It's been sitting there in my list of posts waiting for a review for a month. Nevertheless, it has some of The Smith's best work on it. Which edition did you buy? This is a Japanese remaster

  3. It's ok! I prefer to have the original CD, so don't worry. I bought the average edition, I think...

  4. I must say that Japanese remasters sound much better than original The Smiths albums.Also 'The Sound Of The Smiths',their latest compilation, is very well done, it's remastered in cooperation with Johnny Marr.
    I'm also huge fan of The Smiths and early solo Morrissey works!

  5. iggy1, I completely agree- a huge sonic improvement, though I'm still hoping for CD editions of the Marr remasters

  6. Thank you, very much! =)


  7. A belated thank you for this. I just bought The Smiths Complete and ripped "Louder Than Bombs" over my previous purchase, only to find out that the new 2011 remaster uses the pitch-corrected UK mix of "You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby" instead of the US mix that was originally used. So glad I was able to find a good remaster of the original mix. Thanks again!

    (Note to other Smiths completists: The "Complete" remaster of "The World Won't Listen" also includes an unfortunate substitution: They use the album mix of "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" instead of the single mix originally used.)

  8. unfortunately I got here too late, the link's gone with megaupload...

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